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New Cardboard Effect HDPE Plastic Bottles

cardboard effect hdpe plastic bottles

Introducing our brand new range: Cardboard Effect HDPE Plastic Bottles! You would be forgiven for thinking that these bottles are made out of cardboard, but they are actually manufactured using HDPE plastic.

They come in 4 different sizes, meaning that they can be used for all types of products: from body wash to face creams. The 50ml bottle is ideal for travel sized lotions to fit neatly in overnight bags, whilst the 500ml bottle is a great option for shampoos and conditioners.

Striking Style

Compared to all the white and clear HDPE plastic bottles that you see on the shelves of your local supermarket, the unique style of this bottle makes it very eye-catching and it immediately grabs your attention.

We think that these bottles are the perfect packaging solution for liquid based products that have been produced sustainably with the environment in mind. You want to convey that your product is eco-friendly and sustainable, but you cannot use biodegradable packaging such as cardboard to reflect this, as the contents would leak out! These bottles are a perfect solution, as the cardboard effect design reflects the environmentally friendly feel of your brand, and the plastic is a suitable material for containing your product. Best of all, you can still be an eco-friendly brand because the bottles are made from fully recyclable HDPE plastic!

Fully Recyclable

HDPE is one of the most widely used plastics, as it is fully recyclable and stronger than a lot of other plastics. The smooth finish is attractive to consumers and the material doesn’t leak any chemicals into the product inside. It also acts as a very effective barrier against moisture and can resist rot and other harmful agents. This makes it very effective as food packaging as well as cosmetic packaging!

Matching Double Walled Screw Cap

As if all this wasn’t enough, all these tubular bottles come with matching double walled screw top caps to complete the package and wrap the whole design together. Best of all these bottles cost as little as 46p per unit when you buy the 50ml bottle in bulk. So make your brand stand out and order your Cardboard Effect HDPE Plastic Bottles today!

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