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PCR HDPE Plastic Bottles

Eco friendly packaging you can trust.

by richard

Here at Ampulla we are continually moving to reduce not only our own carbon footprint but also that of our customers. In the past 12 months we have stopped printing invoices and packing lists for our orders and sending them digitally. We have also started the transition to electric vehicles across our business. But the […]

sustainable lifestyle

7 Home Food Waste Solutions

by Harrison

Supermarkets take a lot of flak for food waste in the UK, but the truth is a lot of food waste comes from individual households, too. A third of all food produced for human consumption is thrown away each year, so it’s important that we all do our bit to reduce the amount of food […]

Glass Beer Bottles

The best beer bottles for your brew

by Harrison

Although we don’t know how truthful the story is, the invention of bottled beer supposedly came about in Hertfordshire, around 448 years ago. Dr Alexander Nowell, a priest at the time and keen fisherman, went fishing and took a bottle of his home brew with him. However, Nowell went home without his ale and left […]