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designing labels for bottles

Top Tips For Designing Labels For Bottles

by [email protected]

You’ve got a great formula, a cracking logo, and customers ready to buy. All you need now is a great look for your bottle – but if you’re not a natural designer, this is easier said than done. If you don’t have the budget to pay a professional, here’s our guide to designing labels for […]

packaging for etsy shops

Packaging For Etsy Products: Top Tips

by [email protected]

Running an Etsy shop is a full-time business. Even if it’s set up as your side hustle, you’ll know there are a million things to think about. From making your products to taking great photos, there’s always something to do. And packaging for Etsy sellers is no different. Packaging is hardly the most exciting part […]

jars for homemade jam

The Best Jars For Homemade Jam

by [email protected]

It’s a fact: delicious homemade jams deserve fabulous jars. Top quality jam jars with sturdy lids are really important for keeping preserves fresh for as long as possible, so you’ll need to invest in some great jars for homemade jam. Take a look at our favourite jam jars and pick your favourite! Classic Jam Jars […]