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What’s New For Ampulla In 2019?

new year plans ampulla packaging

We would like to say Happy New Year to all our customers and wish you all the very best for 2019. Here at Ampulla, we have big plans ahead for this year that will make ordering from us much easier and we can get your products to you more quickly than last year!

So what exactly do we have planned for Ampulla in 2019?

Faster Dispatch Times

In 2018, we invested around £500,000 into a new warehouse building. This has allowed us to store more products than ever, which in turn means less time waiting for new stock to arrive and faster dispatch times for our customers! We always appreciate feedback on our service (good or bad) so that we can continually improve on the service that we are providing, as we know that what we do can directly affect your own business. To prove our commitment to this, we collect reviews from our customers via our Trustpilot page, which gives us the chance to get feedback directly from you and respond to your queries quickly. If you’ve got any comments for us, don’t be shy about leaving us a review!

More Environmentally Friendly Packaging Options

We are pleased to now be stocking products made from PCR materials (post consumer recycled). PCR products have been made using recycled material in part, so you can be sure that every product on Ampulla described as being ‘PCR’ is made up of at least 10% recycled material. This new initiative from our manufacturers is a big step into reducing plastic waste and the negative impact that it is having on our environment. We are proud that we will continue to add new product lines that are made using PCR material throughout the year to offer more choice to our customers and to do our bit for Planet Earth.

But what are the advantages of using PCR products in your business? As well as encouraging responsible plastic manufacturing, PCR also reduces your own businesses carbon footprint without losing the many functional benefits that plastic offers.

More Low Prices!

We always want to give our customers the best value for their packaging, which is why we already offer tiered pricing on all our items, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best price for the amount of items that you are ordering. We can always do better though, so in 2019 look out for more prices dropping! Make sure to check out our winter sale (now on), as we’ve lowered prices on a selection of our popular products, including jam jars, sirop bottles and dropper bottles. As well as this, you can also save 5% on any order placed before or on the 4th January! Just enter the code TRLWR6100 at the checkout to apply the discount.

We hope that you will continue to do business with Ampulla in 2019.
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Introducing The PCR10 Environmental Initiative


We’re pleased to announce the introduction of an environmental initiative called PCR10 to selected Ampulla plastic products! The term ‘PCR’ stand for ‘post-consumer recycled’. This simply refers to any material that has served its intended use as a finished product, then has been placed in the recycling system to be remade into a new product. As part of the new PCR10 initiative, certain plastic manufacturers have committed to using PCR material to manufacture at least 10% of every HDPE and PET plastic item made in the UK in 2019.

Wherever possible, the post-consumer recycled plastic material that is used will be sourced from the UK, so that the carbon footprint generated in order to manufacture these new products is kept as small as possible. The PCR10 initiative is very warmly welcomed by Ampulla and all those who are increasingly aware of the impact that single use plastic is having on our planet. We do hope that manufacturers continue to innovate products and inspire consumers to make positive changes, and we here at Ampulla will continue to promote these efforts!

Why Is PCR10 An Important Step?

  • It encourages responsible plastic manufacturing;
  • It reduces plastic waste;
  • It gives greater choice to consumers;
  • It reduces your company’s carbon footprint.

PCR10 Products Stocked By Ampulla

Currently, Ampulla has two products available that are part of the PCR10 initiative:

All listings for the products above are now made using the PCR material, regardless of which cap options you choose.

If you think that this selection is paltry, don’t get too worried – many of our current HDPE and PET products will also be phased out and replaced with the new identical PCR10 models once the old stock has been used! Please do keep an eye out for information on PCR10 products in our product descriptions to see which products are part of this group.

If you’re interested in this envionmental scheme, we think that you’ll also like our PLA Bottles.
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Introducing Brand New Eco-Safe PLA Bottles, Made From 100% Plant!

PLA plastic bottles
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As exciting product launches go, this is one of our most intriguing, exciting and unusual ones yet. We are now stocking brand new plastic bottles made from PLA (polylactic acid) that are produced using 100% biomass material, which includes corn starch, sugar cane and other plant material! This means that these bottles are fully biodegradable and unlike other plastics, which can take thousands of years to break down into smaller molecules, PLA plastic only takes between 6-12 months to biodegrade in high temperatures! PLA plastic is the ideal packaging material for environmentally-concerned brands to use and reduce their carbon footprint, offer more choice to their consumers and do their bit for the planet.

In contrast to other types of plastic, you do not have to put these empty bottles into plastic recycling bins after use, but instead they can be composted! Once exposed to the heat that builds up in an industrial composter, these awesome bottles can naturally break down into their natural compounds, alongside food and garden waste. The delicate structure of PLA bottles means that you will need to be careful not too expose them to dramatic temperatures and environments as this can cause them to lose shape. Our particular PLA bottles should not be used in temperatures above 55˚ Celsius or lower than -40˚ Celsius, but you should also take care about leaving them in direct sunlight as this could also cause them to lose shape and certainly don’t put them in the microwave!

These bottles are the perfect packaging option for ethical drinks brands, in order to bring their eco-friendly ethos across the whole business, especially being ideal for flavoured waters, smoothies, milkshakes and more! If your product is 100% natural, then why not have a 100% natural bottle?

Our PLA bottles are currently only available in a 250ml capacity, with the option to add a 38mm tamper evident screw on lid in colours which include white, natural, black, yellow, blue and red, to name just a few. Please note that these bottles are only available in box quantities and are non-returnable. So what are you waiting for? Get browsing the range today by clicking here!

*Please be aware that our PLA Plastic Bottles are not entirely clear and see-through, they have a yellowish tinge which comes from the plant-based materials that are used to make them.

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