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Plastic buckets the perfect pet container

perfect pet

Why plastic buckets make the perfect storage containers.

It’s true, we’re a nation of pet lovers, but the chore of storing and keeping fresh large bags of dried food is never easy or convenient, and with the added hazard of our favourite mutts and feline friends always after the next sneaky meal it’s time to up the Aunty! Made from durable plastic, with strong metal handles and airtight lids, make our plastic buckets the perfect container…. Strong, compact and versatile… Keeping your pet food clean, tidy and most of all fresh! With a vast range of sizes available, starting from 1 litre ideal for fishing baits & fish food. For the fishermen amongst you, we have the perfect bait box (ideal for pallets) our 5L green plastic bucket, ideal for blending perfectly into the riverside.  Our larger sized plastic buckets, ideal for dried dog and cat food, sawdust, cat liter and much more, and due to the unique design these buckets are stackable, reducing storage space too.

If you have never considered plastic, maybe you feel the look just isn’t right for your product. Let me introduce you to P.E.T. this near glass look plastic has many advantages… not only does it look great, your product is now on full view, allowing customers to instantly see and recongnise what it is they are purchasing. There’s no denying plastic is lighter than glass and as a result transport costs are reduced, there’s less chance of your goods breaking during transport too which in turn will increase customer reassurance and trust in your product.

Here at Ampulla we have a vast range of PET products and your sure to find the right bottle for your product. Don’t just take our word for it though…. Request a sample.

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