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Plastic buckets and catching fish


Increase the chance of catching more fish with a bucket… Don’t look so shocked, we don’t mean you catch them in the bucket!

Here’s the science… Why not… Make your own fish bait? Or Maybe you already run a successful fishing shop and want to venture into producing a tried and tested fish bait on a larger scale?
FACT: There are only a few shop-bought baits on the market.

THEORY: Imagine all fishermen using the same bait, the majority of baits cast from the same company… Not much choice for the fish?

PRACTICAL: Create you’re own bait, stored in our NEW nature blending green buckets (Wont scare the fish at the poolside), airtight and tamper proof, how fresh will your baits will be and look….

RESULT: You’ll have fish eating from your hook.

Available in two convenient sizes, the handy travel size 5 litre and the larger 10.4 Litre our green plastic buckets provide the perfect camouflage on the riverside, are robust enough to take the occasional drop, airtight (Should you fall in the river holding your bucket) and lightweight they even come with a handy handle, perfect if you’re already loaded up with fishing tackle.

Ideal for shop distribution and with No minimum order required. You only purchase what you need!