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Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

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Looking to save a bit of money this Christmas? A lot of our purse strings are tightening around this time of year and, with parties, food and drink to cater for, it’s not surprising that a lot of us want to cut back our spending on presents. But how can you cut down your costs and still keep the quality of your presents high? By getting creative and making them at home of course! Now we may be biased on this subject, but we think that you can make so many awesome presents using jars and bottles – why not try out a few of our homemade Christmas gift ideas?


Recently tried your hand at home brewing? Fancy yourself as the next big name in beer? This Christmas, why not show off your skills and tasty homemade beverages to your friends and family by gifting them with your home brew in stylish, rustic bottles? Simply siphon your beer (or cider or wine!) into a glass bottle, add a personalised label and perhaps even a ribbon as well.

If you want to really make a statement, our Mini Party Keg is the ideal item of drinks packaging for you! It can hold 5 litres of your home brew and comes complete with a fully integrated, tamper evident as as well as a handle for easy transportation. It’s the perfect gift for party lovers around party season!

If you’re after something a little smaller, we have a wide range of glass beer, cider and wine bottles that you can present your drinks in. Some of our most popular are the 27ml Ice Beer Bottle, the 500ml Short Amber Bottle and the sophisticated 750ml Olive Green Wine Bottle.

Body Scrubs

Gift sets of body lotions, creams and moisturisers are big business for retailers over the Christmas period, but you can quite easily make your own body scrubs at home! This is actually a better option for the environment, as well as your bank account, because many shop-bought scrubs can contain micro beads (although their use is dramatically declining) which are not biodegradable and are polluting our oceans. By using natural exfoliants such as sugar, you are helping the earth as well as creating delicious smelling body scrubs!

Check out this list compiled by Living The Nourished Life of the best homemade body scrubs you can try out this Christmas. Our range of Glass Ointment Jars are a great option for packaging your homemade scrubs, simply add a ribbon and personalised label to create lovely looking gifts for beauty lovers!

Cookie & Sweet Jars

For an easy gift to give out to children, why not get baking and hand out cookies, cakes and sweets to your young relatives? Their parents may not thank you for the sugar rush though… You could even just go out and buy some of their favourite branded sweets or chocolate, fill a jar with them, then decorate the jars in a style that each child would enjoy. Whether that be superheroes, fairy princesses or sports, this is a chance to really get creative and put a smile on a child’s face!

Our plastic sweet jars are ideal for decorating and filling with sweet treats with each coming with a screw on lid to keep the contents fresh within, aside from the Kilner Jar which has a hinged lid already attached. Best of all, the jars can never shatter when dropped by little hands as they are made from durable, safe plastic!

Love Notes

Are you an old romantic at heart? Then why not create a heartfelt gift for your spouse or partner that shows them how much you care? A super easy, lovely gift idea is to get some post-it notes and fill a jar with the many reasons why you love that person. If you’re feeling bold, you could write 365 reasons so that they have a new one to open and read for every day of the next year!

To display this thoughtful gift, we suggest our Le Parfait Jars, which are traditional, rustic and French-inspired – what could be more romantic? These jars come in sizes ranging from 500ml up to 3 litres, so you can get as gushy as you want if you can think of enough reasons!

Photo Snow Globes

Another more personal, festive-themed gift is a photo snow globe, which you can make using a clear glass jar, a printed photo and some ‘snow’! Whilst they look quite complicated to make, they’re actually relatively easy. You can find a great tutorial on how to make your own snow globes at Martha Stewart and all you have to do is incorporate your photo into the background of the globe. They would make a great stocking filler for a friend or loved one to place on their mantelpiece for all to see over the festive period.

Our Orcio Jars are a good bet for DIY snow globes, with their curved shape emulating their shop bought equivalents. They come in 3 sizes: 212ml, 314ml and 370ml, with all of the jars coming with a choice of screw on lids. These lids come in many different colours and patterns, such as black, gold, red gingham and floral! We recommend gold lids if you want to achieve a particularly festive look.

Remember we have no minimum order, so you can buy as many or as little of our jars and bottles as you need!

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