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Choose Aluminium

aluminium bottles

Choose luxury, choose aluminium

What attributes spring to mind when you’re looking for packaging to give your business that extra edge? How about modern, stylish, sleek, elegant and luxurious, or strong, protective and practical? Our aluminium bottles and jars offer all of those things and more. They come in a variety of sizes so you can create a whole range of products with consistent branding throughout – and the benefits don’t stop there – the insides are lined with an EPA resin, which prevents oxidation and contamination, protecting the contents within.

Do you own a hair and beauty salon? If so, you’ll know that customers want to look great and feel pampered with luxurious products, in visually appealing surroundings. Making your salon stylish and inviting is an important part of your business, and our aluminium bottles can help you do that! You can re-fill the bottles, enabling you to buy hair products in bulk and reduce costs, without compromising on looks. And, coupled with our black mini trigger caps, you’ll have the perfect spray bottles for heat protectors and styling solutions, or you can choose sleek black and silver pump caps for dispensing shampoos and conditioners.

If, on the other hand, you make your own range of hair and beauty products and sell them to salons, through shops or via your own website, aluminium is the best option for premium lines, with our jars giving a high-end look to hand and nail creams, lip balms, body butters, bath salts and hair styling products such as gels, waxes and creams.

How about your home care ranges? Our EPE lined aluminium caps help to prevent leakage, so you can fill the bottles with cleaning fluids and polishes, or use our trigger and atomiser caps for air fresheners and linen sprays, or fine mist sprays for indoor plants. You can add style to bathrooms and kitchens with our luxury aluminium hand wash and lotion bottles. Our aluminium jars are also a great choice for abrasive cleaning scrubs and waxes, suitable for industrial products too!

It can be hard work running your own business, but here at Ampulla we do our best to give you packaging solutions to keep you one step ahead. You can market your business and make a lasting impression on customers with the help of our aluminium jars. Simply fill the jars with tasty sweets, chocolates or mints and add your own business labels to the lids. Or you could entice customers with free lip balm tins for minimum spends. Our small jars are the perfect size for product testers too.

Whatever you choose to use our aluminium packaging for, it offers a professional and stylish appearance with lasting quality, to take your business to the next level.



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