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15ml White Arese DW Jar, Shive And Screw Lid

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15ml White cosmetic jar with lid

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Type Arese Cosmetic Jar
Capacity 15ml
Weight 13.7g
Overall Height 33.5mm
Width 43mm
Label Height 12mm
Box Quantity 1,980
Pallet Quantity 23,760

Double wall cosmetic jar. Gloss white cosmetic jar, 15ml capacity. PP Plastic, screw top lid, comes with natural inner shive. The shive stops product wastage, as your product stays in the container and doesn't spread inside the lid.

For healthcare and beauty products, this is the perfect container.

Qty: 115MLWJAR-39WPPCx1 0.74
Qty: 2515MLWJAR-39WPPCx25 18.00
Qty: 5015MLWJAR-39WPPCx50 35.07
Qty: 10015MLWJAR-39WPPCx100 66.44
Qty: 25015MLWJAR-39WPPCx250 156.86
Qty: 50015MLWJAR-39WPPCx500 295.27
Qty: 100015MLWJAR-39WPPCx1000 553.62
Qty: 198015MLWJAR-39WPPCx1980 1059.63
Qty: 396015MLWJAR-39WPPCx3960 1973.09
Qty: 650015MLWJAR-39WPPCx6500 3178.70
Qty: 792015MLWJAR-39WPPCx7920 3800.05

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