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Caps And Closures

Caps And Closures

Caps And Closures To Fit All Our Jars And Bottles

If youve decided to buy our bottles and jars without caps and closures included, then we have them all right here for you to buy separately.

We realise that some bottles with tamper evident closures may need to be reused, or you may simply need a few spare caps, so we also sell closures separately for your convenience. If you can't see the closure you're looking for here, please give us a call and we will do our best to help.

Bottle Closures

We have a massive range of bottle closures that are compatible with many types of bottles, from our juice bottles to our medicine bottles. Closures in this category include flip top, disc top, spouts, pipettes, droppers, lotion pumps, trigger sprays, atomiser sprays and standard screw caps.

Jar Lids

Our jar lids are available in metal twist off and plastic screw on varieties. The metal twist off lids are suitable for use with our glass jam jars and come in a variety of bright colours and patterns, including red, gold, silver, gingham, honeycomb and plain white.

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28mm/410 White Trigger Spray

28mm/410 white plastic trigger spray to fit 28mm neck bottles. Will fit our range of 250ml - 1 litre round plastic bottles (excluding juice bottles).

The trigger spray head has a 250mm length thin dip tube which can be trimmed to the desired length.
28mm/410 White Trigger Spray
Qty: 1 PK1 x 28mm Trigger Spray 0.49
Qty: 25PK25 x 28mm Trigger Spray 11.12
Qty: 50 PK50 x 28mm Trigger Spray 19.77
Qty: 100 PK100 x 28mmTrigger Spray 37.57
Qty: 250PK250 x 28mmTrigger Spray 88.98
Qty: 160PK160 x 28mmTrigger Spray 60.10
Qty: 500PK500 x28mmTrigger Spray 188.31
Qty: 1200PK1200 x28mmTrigger Spray 391.49
Qty: 1630PK1630x28mmTrigger Spray 515.66

28mm Black Trigger Spray

28mm black plastic trigger spray with 'stream' and 'spray' options for a variety of uses. The spray also has an 'off' setting to prevent accidental use in transit.

Suitable with a range of our 28mm neck bottles and comes complete with dip tube included.
28mm Black Trigger Spray
Qty: 1TRIGGER28Bx1 0.48
Qty: 25TRIGGER28Bx25 11.12
Qty: 50TRIGGER28Bx50 19.77
Qty: 100TRIGGER28Bx100 37.57
Qty: 250TRIGGER28Bx250 88.98
Qty: 500TRIGGER28Bx500 188.31
Qty: 1200TRIGGER28Bx1200 391.49
Qty: 1630TRIGGER28Bx1630 515.65

31.5mm Black Plastic T/E Cap

31.5mm Black Screw Cap to fit many of our dressing bottles.

Always check compatibility before committing to a large order
31.5mm Black Plastic T/E Cap
Qty: 1GCAP31.5BLKx1 0.28
Qty: 25GCAP31.5BLKx25 6.47
Qty: 50GCAP31.5BLKx50 12.19
Qty: 100GCAP31.5BLKx100 22.86
Qty: 250GCAP31.5BLKx250 53.35
Qty: 500GCAP31.5BLKx500 102.88
Qty: 1000GCAP31.5BLKx1000 198.14
Qty: 2500GCAP31.5BLKx2500 476.30
Qty: 4000GCAP31.5BLKx4000 731.60

31.5mm Black Plastic T/E Cap with Pourer

31.5mm black plastic tamper evident cap with pourer spout. The cap forms a seal which needs to be broken to reopen allowing the user to see when the product has first been opened.
31.5mm Black Plastic T/E Cap with Pourer
Qty: 1GCAP31.5Bx1 0.22
Qty: 25GCAP31.5Bx25 5.37
Qty: 50GCAP31.5Bx50 10.46
Qty: 100GCAP31.5Bx100 19.80
Qty: 250GCAP31.5Bx250 46.77
Qty: 500GCAP31.5Bx500 88.05
Qty: 1000GCAP31.5Bx1000 165.09

32mm White T/E Screw Cap (Juice)

Plastic juice bottle cap, screw top, tamper evident. Compatible with our 32mm neck plastic juice bottles.

Simply screw the cap on by hand, which creates the tamper evident seal. Perfect for preventing product contamination.
32mm White T/E Screw Cap (Juice)
Qty: 10 PK10/32mmJuiceCap/White 1.41
Qty: 1 PK1/32mmJuiceCap/White 0.19
Qty: 25PK25/32mmJuiceCap/White 3.19
Qty: 50 PK50/32mmJuiceCap/White 5.68
Qty: 100 PK100/32mmJuiceCap/White 10.80
Qty: 500 PK500/32mmJuiceCap/White 48.34
Qty: 1000 PK1000/32mmJuiceCap/White 93.83
Qty: 2000 PK2000/32mmJuiceCap/White 170.61

32mm Orange T/E Screw Cap (Juice)

Replacement plastic juice bottle closure. 32mm tamper evident cap in orange. Simply screws onto the bottle, seal then has to be broken to unscrew. Helps stop product tampering.

Fits our range of natural juice bottles - 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre sizes.

Not suitable for carbonated liquids
32mm Orange T/E Screw Cap (Juice)
Qty: 10 PK10/32mm Juice Cap (O) 1.49
Qty: 1PK10/32mm Juice Cap (O)x1 0.15
Qty: 25 PK25/32mm Juice Cap (O) 3.35
Qty: 50 PK50/ 32mm Juice Cap (O) 5.95
Qty: 100 PK100/32mm Juice Cap (O) 11.29
Qty: 500 PK500/32mm Juice Cap (O) 50.53
Qty: 1500pk1500/32mm Juice Cap (O) 141.84

33mm Black Urea Screw Cap

Black UREA screw cap for use with out 33mm Neck jars.

Ideal for a range of different applications
33mm Black Urea Screw Cap
Qty: 1GCAP33R3BLKx1 0.18
Qty: 10GCAP33R3BLKx10 1.73
Qty: 25GCAP33R3BLKx25 4.20
Qty: 50GCAP33R3BLKx50 8.20
Qty: 100GCAP33R3BLKx100 15.16
Qty: 250GCAP33R3BLKx250 35.85
Qty: 500GCAP33R3BLKx500 65.54
Qty: 1000GCAP33R3BLKx1000 118.80

Ceramic Stopper Cap

Spare ceramic stopper, complete with rubber washer, ideal for creating an airtight seal. Compatible with our swing top glass bottles.

Click here to find out how to fit the stopper cap.
Ceramic Stopper Cap
Qty: 1SPceramicstopx1 0.91
Qty: 25SPceramicstopx25 21.52
Qty: 50SPceramicstopx50 40.99
Qty: 100SPceramicstopx100 77.88
Qty: 500SPceramicstopx500 348.41
Qty: 1000SPceramicstopx1000 536.65
Qty: 3000SPceramicstopx3000 1502.61
Qty: 5000SPceramicstopx5000 2414.90
Qty: 7000SPceramicstopx7000 2651.66
Qty: 10000SPceramicstopx10000 2886.38

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