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60ml Blue PP Plastic Measuring Scoop

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60ml plastic measuring scoop

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Capacity 60ml
Length 86mm
Weight 7g
Material Polypropylene
Colour Blue
Height 41mm
Diameter 38mm

60ml blue polypropylene plastic scoop with handle. This deep scoop spoon is great for measuring and distributing detergent, milkshake powder, protein powders and cooking ingredients.

Order in large, small or even individual quantities.

NB; Please note that the photo is for illustration only and the colour of the blue may vary slightly.

Qty: 160MLBLSCOOPx1 0.36
Qty: 2560MLBLSCOOPx25 8.72
Qty: 5060MLBLSCOOPx50 16.55
Qty: 10060MLBLSCOOPx100 31.31
Qty: 25060MLBLSCOOPx250 71.56
Qty: 50060MLBLSCOOPx500 134.17
Qty: 80060MLBLSCOOPx800 207.52
Qty: 160060MLBLSCOOPx1600 386.42

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