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Plastic Cosmetic Jars

plastic cosmetic jars

Plastic Cosmetic Jars

Ampulla stocks a full range of plastic cosmetic jars in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. From our curved, frosted cosmetic jars with protective shives that are perfect for eye gels, lip balms, cuticle treatments and eye shadows, to our larger white gloss finish cosmetic jars that are perfect for creams and lotions. Were sure to have the perfect packaging solution for your cosmetic product!

Our range of plastic cosmetic jars give a quality look and feel to your face creams, lotions, body scrubs and butters, body glitters, moisturisers and more. The jars all have ample space for you to add your branding and come complete with matching screw on lids to keep your products from leaking.

Available Sizes & Colours

Our plastic cosmetic jars come in many different shapes and sizes, including: 5ml, 6ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml, 350ml and 500ml. These jars come in clear, black and white varieties, so you can choose the style that most suits your cosmetic brand. The clear jars are made using polystyrene, whilst the black and white opaque jars are made using polypropylene (PP).

125ml White PP Torino Jar & 88mm White PP Lid

Our small Torino collection consists of this 125ml jar, alongside a larger 250ml version. This smaller version is a shallow, single walled jar with an attractive rounded bottom, that is ideal for packaging cosmetic creams and lotions. The jar is made from polypropylene (PP) plastic, which has great chemical resistance properties and is very lightweight.

This 125ml jar has a 88m wide neck, which makes it compatible with our 88mm PP Cap, which this jar comes complete with for your convenience. The cap simply screws onto the jar by hand and is in a white colour to match the style of the jar itself.
125ml White PP Torino Jar & 88mm White PP Lid
Qty: 1125MLWTOR-LIDx1 0.72
Qty: 25125MLWTOR-LIDx25 17.66
Qty: 50125MLWTOR-LIDx50 34.44
Qty: 100125MLWTOR-LIDx100 63.59
Qty: 250125MLWTOR-LIDx250 150.14
Qty: 468125MLWTOR-LIDx468 281.07
Qty: 540125MLWTOR-LIDx540 314.77
Qty: 1080125MLWTOR-LIDx1080 610.47
Qty: 2340125MLWTOR-LIDx2340 1281.35
Qty: 2808125MLWTOR-LIDx2808 1438.41
Qty: 5616125MLWTOR-LIDx5616 2678.43

150ml White Arese DW Jar, Shive And Screw Lid

Give your product a modern look with this white PP jar. As part of our Arese range this jar comes in a range of sizes in two different colours.

This jar will be great for creams, lotions and much more.
150ml White Arese DW Jar, Shive And Screw Lid
Qty: 1150MLWJARESE-76Wx1 1.29
Qty: 25150MLWJARESE-76Wx25 31.50
Qty: 50150MLWJARESE-76Wx50 61.39
Qty: 100150MLWJARESE-76Wx100 116.31
Qty: 250150MLWJARESE-76Wx250 274.64
Qty: 500150MLWJARESE-76Wx500 516.96
Qty: 1000150MLWJARESE-76Wx1000 969.29
Qty: 2500150MLWJARESE-76Wx2500 2342.46
Qty: 5000150MLWJARESE-76Wx5000 4361.82

200ml White Edge Cosmetic Jar and Screw Lid

200ml glossy white edge cosmetic jar. Made from high quality glossy PP, this white cosmetic jar will make your lotions and creams stand out from the crowd.

Perfect for creams, cosmetics, hair treatments, lotions and much more.
200ml White Edge Cosmetic Jar and Screw Lid
Qty: 1200MLWEDGx1 0.91
Qty: 25200MLWEDGx25 21.64
Qty: 50200MLWEDGx50 42.18
Qty: 100200MLWEDGx100 82.13
Qty: 250200MLWEDGx250 194.24
Qty: 490200MLWEDGx490 369.83
Qty: 980200MLWEDGx980 717.91
Qty: 1470200MLWEDGx1470 978.97
Qty: 2940200MLWEDGx2940 1892.66
Qty: 5880200MLWEDGx5880 3654.79

200ml White Arese DW Jar, Shive And Screw Lid

This 200ml white cosmetic jar is part of our popular Arese collection, which offers premium protection for your range of cosmetic creams and lotions. This jar is double walled, which makes it very robust and able to stand out from competitors on the shelves.

Our 200ml Arese White Cosmetic Jar comes complete with a matching 87mm Natural Shive and 87mm White PP Cap. The shive sits in the jar neck, between the jar and the lid, in order to prevent any of the product within from getting into the lid. This simply creates a neater aesthetic for your customers.
200ml White Arese DW Jar, Shive And Screw Lid
Qty: 1200MLWJAR-LIDx1 2.42
Qty: 25200MLWJAR-LIDx25 59.08
Qty: 50200MLWJAR-LIDx50 115.21
Qty: 100200MLWJAR-LIDx100 224.50
Qty: 180200MLWJAR-LIDx180 361.57
Qty: 360200MLWJAR-LIDx360 701.87
Qty: 540200MLWJAR-LIDx540 1020.90
Qty: 1080200MLWJAR-LIDx1080 1850.39
Qty: 2160200MLWJAR-LIDx2160 3445.55

250ml Natural Plastic Cream Jar & 104mm White Screw Lid

250ml natural (translucent) plastic cream jar. A low profile jar, widely used for health, beauty and toiletry products.

Perfect for body butters, creams, gels, exfoliating scrubs, hair styling products and more.

This short wide jar's lid has a bore seal, meaning there is no need for a wad or liner.
250ml Natural Plastic Cream Jar & 104mm White Screw Lid
Qty: 1Rvr250mlaWJarx1 0.74
Qty: 25Rvr250mlaWJarx25 18.19
Qty: 50Rvr250mlaWJarx50 33.59
Qty: 160Rvr250mlaWJarx160 98.56
Qty: 320Rvr250mlaWJarx320 191.32
Qty: 640Rvr250mlaWJarx640 371.06
Qty: 1280Rvr250mlaWJarx1280 695.73
Qty: 2560Rvr250mlaWJarx2560 1298.70
Qty: 3840Rvr250mlaWJarx3840 1878.47

200ml Black Edge Cosmetic Jar and Screw Lid

Give your cosmetic range a stylish and dynamic look with our new Edge jar range. 200ml black PP screw top jar with lid.

The straight sides make adding a label easy. Ideal for hand creams, body balms, styling products and more.
200ml Black Edge Cosmetic Jar and Screw Lid
Qty: 1200MLBEDG-90Bx1 0.95
Qty: 25200MLBEDG-90Bx25 22.72
Qty: 50200MLBEDG-90Bx50 44.28
Qty: 100200MLBEDG-90Bx100 86.22
Qty: 250200MLBEDG-90Bx250 203.90
Qty: 490200MLBEDG-90Bx490 388.24
Qty: 980200MLBEDG-90Bx980 753.64
Qty: 1470200MLBEDG-90Bx1470 1027.69
Qty: 2940200MLBEDG-90Bx2940 1986.87
Qty: 5880200MLBEDG-90Bx5880 3836.72

250ml White PP Torino Jar & 88mm White PP Lid

Our larger Torino Jar is an attractive, white coloured, 250ml plastic jar that is perfect for packaging ranges of cosmetic creams and lotions, as well as household cleaning products such as polishes and waxes. It is made from white PP (polypropylene) plastic, which is renowned throughout the industry for being lightweight and having great chemically resistance, and has an attractive rounded shape that curves towards the base.

This single walled, 250ml plastic jar comes complete with a compatible, matching 88mm White PP Cap for your convenience.
250ml White PP Torino Jar & 88mm White PP Lid
Qty: 1250MLWTOR-LIDx1 0.82
Qty: 25250MLWTOR-LIDx25 20.10
Qty: 50250MLWTOR-LIDx50 39.20
Qty: 100250MLWTOR-LIDx100 76.40
Qty: 252250MLWTOR-LIDx252 172.25
Qty: 504250MLWTOR-LIDx504 334.37
Qty: 1008250MLWTOR-LIDx1008 648.47
Qty: 1512250MLWTOR-LIDx1512 881.52
Qty: 2016250MLWTOR-LIDx2016 1134.83
Qty: 3024250MLWTOR-LIDx3024 1641.45

350ml White Edge Cosmetic Jar and Screw Lid

NEW STOCK!! 350ml White cosmetic screw top jar. Made from quality Polypropylene (PP) plastic, which offers an impact resistant container.

The straight sides make branding easy, perfect for cosmetic, styling and beauty products: hand creams, body lotions, balms, hairs gels, waxes and clays, car cleaning products polishes etc and much more!
350ml White Edge Cosmetic Jar and Screw Lid
Qty: 1350MLWEDGx1 1.00
Qty: 25350MLWEDGx25 23.79
Qty: 50350MLWEDGx50 46.34
Qty: 100350MLWEDGx100 90.25
Qty: 250350MLWEDGx250 219.52
Qty: 315350MLWEDGx315 261.23
Qty: 630350MLWEDGx630 507.09
Qty: 945350MLWEDGx945 714.54
Qty: 1890350MLWEDGx1890 1336.87
Qty: 3780350MLWEDGx3780 2581.54

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