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Which Ampulla Product Gets Your Vote?

glass and plastic bottles


View our contenders for this week


Our first contender is the NEW 60ml Marasca Bottle. A clear miniature glass bottle with black cap, a small bottle with big possibilities. Perfect for alcoholic beverages, Sloe gins, flavored Vodkas, vintage Whiskeys, specialty Chili sauces, olive oils and more. A classically shaped bottle and a sure contender if the look for your aiming for is classic and established.


Our second and close running contender is not just one bottle but also a family. If you make your own cosmetics or produce a range of products and you’re looking for a range of bottles in a similar style but different sizes. Then our Simplicity Bottles are perfect. Oozing luxury from the outset and each size available with a range of cap options. Whether it’s a fine mist spray, lotion pump or simple screw top. You’ll find it here. Our Simplicity bottles offer a sleek, slim modern look, perfect for attracting the younger market. Ideal for men’s grooming and styling products, ladies cosmetic creams and lotions, skincare care products and much more.


Our third contender is also new this week, a vintage look jar, instantly transporting you back in time, to a time when tradition, and long established recipes were respected and trusted. Our 425ml Sette jar, a classic shaped octagonal jar, complete with a choice of lid colour. Made from part recycled glass gives the jar a distinguished green tint. The perfect way to add an authentic Mediterranean feel to your pickled olives, pasta sauces, pickled chili’s… You get the drift, anything pickled and saucy really. The straight sides jar makes adding your own label easy. Stock is limited so be quick.


Our Forth and final contender…. And to show we are not in anyway biased to gorgeous looking glass bottles. The adaptable, strong 6 litre plastic jar with handle and wadded cap.

The large 6 litre capacity of this container makes storing bulk products easy, there’s no need to worry about dispensing once full either, the easy grip handle together with the lightweight PET plastic is perfect for the end user experience. The clear PET plastic offers maximum display ensuring your customers know exactly what they’re buying from the outset. PET plastic is food grade approved which makes this the ideal container for dried and powdered foods, pet foods, colourings, flavourings, cooking oils, detergents, cleaning powders and much more!

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