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Swing top glass bottles – traditional yet trendy

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Fed up with using crown caps to seal your glass drinks bottles? Sick of the sight of capping tools? Prefer to use a glass bottle that’s on trend, but still has a vintage style? We’ve got just the thing!


Swing top glass bottles

Glass swing top drinks bottleSwing top glass bottles were often used to bottle beer and water before crown corks were used. Their robust metal clasp with ceramic and rubber stopper was the perfect combination to create a strong, reliable airtight seal. This same seal can still be relied on today, as an alternative to crowns or screw on caps, with the advantage of being easy to wash and re-use.


The advantage of using a swing top bottle over other standard glass drinks bottles is that swing top bottles have a distinct style and a premium look about them. Our modern day glass swing top bottles are crafted from thick, quality clear glass, with a slight green tint and elegant faceted walls. They are suitable for a wide range of alcoholic and soft drinks, as well as oils and dressings, confectionery or even home and business décor.



Sizes available

Glass swing top bottles facetedOur glass swing top bottles are available in 250ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1 litre sizes, so you can use one particular size for a product or project, or you can offer customers a whole range of sizes. Swing top bottles are ideal for restaurants and cafes, for the likes of table water, wine or fruit juice. Alternatively, due to there being no minimum order quantity, you can use them for bottling your homemade traditional lemonade or sloe gin.


Due to being both trendy and traditional, glass swing top bottles are well suited to many different bars and restaurants, as well as artisan food and drink shops, farm shops, delicatessens, food markets and high end food halls. They’re perfect for packaging spirits, liqueurs, cocktails, ciders, wines, fruit juices, cordials, milk, milkshakes and many other drinks or speciality oils and dressings. Whichever you choose, swing top bottles will give your product an exclusive handcrafted appearance, rather than looking mass-produced.