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New pro measuring jugs – get the perfect measure

Pro plastic measuring jugs

If you’ve already bought some large jars to package your protein powder in; 2 litre bottles for selling freshly squeezed juice in; bulk sauce bottles for dispensing hot chili sauce or jerrycans for filling with fuel for a long journey, but you’re struggling to work out how you’re going to fill them without spilling product everywhere and losing money in the process – we have the solution!


Mixing in measuring jugNew to Ampulla are our ‘Pro-jug’ measuring jugs, making it easier for those of you who are struggling to measure out product and fill packaging at home or in the workplace. They’ll come in handy for measuring and mixing ingredients in laboratories, kitchens and workshops and are available from 250ml up to 5 litre capacity, with no minimum order quantity, so you can buy as few or as many as you need.


Pro-jugs aren’t just your average plastic measuring jugs. They are commercial standard jugs, which have been lab tested for accuracy. They come with a safe grip handle, ergonomic design and accurate pouring control, with free space between the full line and top of the jug, reducing the risk of spillage. Made from thick walled polypropylene plastic, which is food grade and highly chemical resistant, these jugs can be used time and time again and won’t break down from repeated exposure to light, as they’re UV stabilised.


So what are you waiting for? Get yours here now!