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How Can You Keep Salad Fresh For Longer?

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There’s nothing worse than going to the fridge to prepare a delicious, crisp, fresh salad, only to find that all your lovely fruit and veg has turned slimy and soggy. Even when you pre-prepare a salad the night before work, often by the time you come to eat your lunch it has developed a different taste and texture. But why is this, and what can you do to keep salad fresh for longer? We’ve found a number of great tips that you can try at home to keep your fruit and vegetables edible.

There are a few important things that you need to remember when storing fresh salad:

  • Keep in airtight containers;
  • Wash thoroughly before using;
  • Keep away from moisture;
  • Do not freeze!

How To Keep Salad Fresh For Lunch

Moisture tends to be the death of fresh fruit and vegetables, as it causes them to become soggy and begin to rot very quickly. If you notice that your fruit and vegetables begin to look wet and slimy, do not eat them – throw straight into your compost! The key to keeping your pre-prepared salad tasting as good as it can is to keep the components separate until the last minute, as this stops the moisture from each ingredient seeping into each other and speeding up the spoiling process. We advise that you pack your leaves into one tub, your meat or other toppings into another and then your salad dressing in a separate bottle that you can sprinkle over your lunch just before eating.

How To Store Salad At Home

Airtight containers are absolutely essential to maintaining a stable atmosphere around your salad, as it can easily spoil if it is too humid, or not humid enough! For optimal storage, it is recommended that you place a wad of paper towels at the bottom of a plastic tub, place your salad on top of it, seal with an airtight lid and then place in the fridge. This ensures that any moisture that seeps from the food is instantly soaked up by the absorbent paper, keeping the food itself less likely to rot as quickly. This method can make your leafy greens last up to 10 days! Just make sure that you wash both the container and your salad before you put them in the fridge.

You shouldn’t store fresh vegetables in the freezer, as the water within the food will expand and therefore burst the cells of the plant, meaning that it will be limp and soggy when you come to thaw it out. Obviously the pre-frozen vegetables that you can buy from the supermarket have been processed in a way to ensure that this will not happen and are safe to keeping storing in your freezer.

Keep Salad Fresh In Our Brand New Plastic Salad Tubs!

We have recently added three new tubs to our Plastic Salad And Ice-Cream Tubs collection: the 1.2L Clear Rectangular Salad Tub, the 2.4L Clear Square Salad Tub and the 2.4L Natural Square Salad Tub.

They are all made from food-grade polypropylene plastic (PP), which is lightweight, durable, and suitable for a range of food products. The tubs each come with a tamper evident, press down lid in order to keep salad fresh and free from outside contamination. Once the lid has been pushed into place, the tamper evident seal needs to be broken in order to open it again. If you’re a company that is selling products to the mass market in these tubs, then this is such a great feature as it gives your end consumers the peace of mind that their food is safe and hasn’t been tampered with during transit. They’re perfect for storing your salads in!

We have no minimum order quantity and also offer further discounts per unit when you buy in larger quantities! Why not browse our entire salad tub range?

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Quality Cosmetic Packaging

Launching a new cosmetics brand and looking for affordable, yet quality cosmetic packaging? Look no further! Here at Ampulla, we have so many great options for all your different types of products, including lotions, balms and soaps. We offer very competitive prices on our cosmetic packaging, with the price per unit falling when you order more units. Let us talk you through a few of our recommended products.

Lip Balms

Whether it’s a roller, push up or applicator you’re looking for, we’ve got a variety of options for your lip balm range. One of our favourites is the 10ml Clear Glass Roll-On Container which is ideal for lip gloss and premium lip balms. The roll cap simply screws on and off, making the glass container easy to fill and dispense, and they can be yours for as little as 55p each!

The 4.3gm White Lip Balm Tube is typical of the branded lip balms you see on the shelves of pharmacies and supermarkets, using the push up mechanism to deliver the stick of balm upwards until it runs out. Each tube comes complete with the plastic cap closure and prices can go as low as just 17p per unit!

We also have the 8ml Clear Plastic Lip Gloss Container which features a soft-ended applicator that screws onto the main container. Although it is designed to be used for lip gloss, this container would also be suitable for eye shadows and some other cosmetic products. From as little as 77p per unit!


Our tubs are available in glass, plastic and aluminium versions, which helps you place your product in the brand value hierarchy. Our 30ml Clear Glass Ointment Jar is one of our high quality glass jars, featuring a black screw cap which has a lining to preserve the freshness of your cosmetic product and prevent it leaking out. They cost as little as 38p per jar when you buy in bulk.


The 75ml Aluminium Jar is a great little tub that is ideal for both face creams and body lotions alike. It comes with a matching screw on lid which is perfect for sticking your branding to and is visually appealing. As well as being used for moisturisers and lotions, this jar could also be used for wax and polishes! Prices are as little as 58p per jar.

If it’s a plastic jar you’re looking for, the 6ml Clear Plastic Jar is another great option. It’s a small tub that is well suited for sending out product samples or even for lip balm moisturisers. This jar is available for as little as 12p per unit.

Creams & Serums

Airless dispenser bottles are the ideal choice for creams and serums where it is important that air bubbles do not form in your product. Due to the airless technology, these bottles also reduce product contamination and takes away the need to use preservatives – great for cosmetics made using all-natural ingredients. We currently have 9 models of airless dispensers in stock, with sizes ranging from 30ml to 150ml.

Our smallest bottle is the 30ml Airless Dispenser Bottle which has a clear body with a polished silver top, giving your brand a sleek, luxury look. These bottle can be yours for as little as £1.55 each.

Our 50ml Airless Frosted Bottle is slightly larger and features a frosted plastic body that will make your products stand out from other brands. The screw top cap makes the bottle easy to fill and prices go as low as £1.90 per bottle.

Our 100ml Airless Dispenser White Bottle has a different design to the other two bottles featured above, with an opaque white body that is more wide-set than it’s counterparts. It has a glossy finish that would look great when paired with your branded labels and stickers of any colour! Prices are as low as £1.14.

Soap Dispensers

Our soap dispensers come in all shapes and sizes so you can find your perfect bottle whether your brand is basic or luxury. One of our standard shaped bottles is our 250ml Clear PET Plastic Oval Bottle, which comes with a black lotion pump cap that has the ability to lock and prevent spillages. The caps come with dip tubes that can be trimmed down to your desired length. The cost of these bottles can go as low as 96p per unit.

Whilst not a traditional soap, shampoos and conditioners are popular cosmetic products that need cosmetic packaging as well! Our 400ml Oval Natural HDPE Shampoo Bottle is a fantastic option for your hair care range, as well as being suitable for baby lotions, shower gels and tanning lotions to name just a few. The bottle has a hinged snap on lid as it standard with shampoo bottles and can cost as little as 61p per unit!

For a traditional soap dispenser bottle, look no further than the 500ml Clear PET Hand Wash Bottle. It has a classic rounded shape and comes complete with a silver lotion pump for easy dispensation. Prices for this bottle go as low as 74p per unit when you buy in bulk.

One of our favourite and most unique-looking soap dispenser bottle and piece of cosmetic packaging is the 500ml Natural Square HDPE Bottle which is a striking and model addition to your cosmetic range. The 4 straight sides of the bottle make it very easy for you to attach your branded labels and the locking feature of its lotion pump cap is perfect for preventing accidental spillages and gives you peace of mind during transportation! This bottle is available for as little as 93p per unit.


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*All prices correct at time of publication (5th September 2017) and are subject to change.