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Get the latest scoop from Ampulla

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Read all about it! Ampulla has the latest scoop on measuring products!

That’s right, we are pleased to reveal that we are now suppliers of durable, food grade polypropylene plastic scoops for all your measuring needs. These handy utensils are available in 5ml, 25ml and 60ml – ideal for kitchen, launderette, pharmacy, sweet shop, warehouse and home use.


Our scoops make it easy to accurately measure and dispense the following items:

  • Protein powders
  • Food supplement powders
  • Cooking ingredients (spices, salt, sugar, flour, baking powder)
  • Nuts/seeds and dried fruit snacks
  • Confectionery
  • Baby formula
  • Pet foods
  • Medicines
  • Washing powder and other detergents
  • Powdered chemicals
  • Bath salts


If you’re looking for a container to store any of the above products in, we also stock a wide selection of large wide neck clear plastic jars, sweets and supplement jars, tamper evident plastic food tubs and food grade buckets – perfect for use with our plastic measuring scoops.

5ml scoops start from at little as 10p per scoop*, with 25ml scoops at 16p* per unit and 60ml scoops at 20p* each for bulk orders (including VAT). There are no minimum order requirements, so you can order a scoop or two for use at home. They’re small, lightweight, easy to package and post and will fit inside many of our large jars and tubs!

Click the image below to scoop yours now!

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*Price excludes delivery.

Please note that capacities may vary according to the density of the product being measured.