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‘Cast Iron’ Style Cooking Pots

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At first glance you would think that these cooking pots are made from cast iron – but they’re 100% plastic! They have been specially moulded using PP (polypropylene) to give the appearance of thick metal. They’re a sure-fire conversation starter!

Add a traditional, homely feel to your stews, soups and broths, but without the massive expensive of cast iron. These cooking pots can be heated up to 130 degrees Celsius, frozen at -20 degrees Celsius and are food grade approved. They come in 3 different sizes: 300ml, 650ml and 1L, so you can serve up single servings or sharing pots, whichever your preference. Each pot comes with a matching, snug fitting lid to stop your dish from spitting in the microwave, as well as keeping your food warm inside as you serve it.

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The PP plastic they are manufactured with is absolutely perfect for food packaging that is going to be exposed to microwave heat, due to the plastic’s high melting temperature. It also doesn’t absorb water and is very unlikely to shatter. Ideal for dinner parties, catering at corporate functions and restaurants alike!

Main Features:

  • Lightweight feel of plastic, with the look of cast iron;
  • Microwave safe;
  • NOT SUITABLE for use in gas or electric ovens;
  • Available in 3 sizes;
  • Lid included.
Test Out Our Cooking Pots With This Tasty Recipe

Chilli made just using a microwave? You’d better believe it! Check out this great recipe from BBC Food – it only takes 15 minutes to get it from your fridge to your stomach!

What you’ll need: Onion, garlic clove, butter, ground cumin, paprika, chilli flakes/powder, chopped tomatoes, kidney beans, vegetable stock cube, dark chocolate, soured cream and coriander.

What are you waiting for?

Prices for these awesome pots are from as little as £1.65 per unit when you buy in bulk!

Liked the look of our cast iron style pots? Then you’ll love our cardboard-style HDPE bottles!

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Go Wild For Our Animal Themed Party Lunch Pots!

animal themed party lunch pots

Holding an animal themed party for your little one? Looking for a fun way to liven up children’s school lunches? Then you’ll love these unique, lunch pots from our Novelty Snack Box range!

These cute little pots make great food displays at children’s birthday parties, or even to add a bit of silliness to a grown up occasion! They come in 3 different designs: Elephant, Pig and Tortoise, are sold in packs of 200 and are 100% recyclable.

Why choose a animal themed party pot?

  • They’re robust and disposable;
  • The lids press into shape to keep food fresh;
  • They encourage healthy eating;
  • The base doubles up as a bowl;
  • They are the perfect size to satisfy little appetites!

The pots are ideal for serving up mixed salads, nuts, fruit and other nutritional snacks, as the fun presentation of the meal may encourage picky eaters to give new, healthy foods a try! It’s also the perfect size for party favourites such as sandwiches, biscuits and confectionery.


This baby elephant is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face! Fill with fresh salad or snacks that will satisfy even the largest of appetites!

animal themed party pots elephant


Why not serve up BLT sandwiches or smoky bacon crisps in this little fellow? Unfortunately, this version of our novelty lunch pots is currently out of stock at the time of publication (29th June 2017), but please check back regularly in order to be one of the first to grab them once they’re back!

animal themed party pots pig


We think that this tortoise shaped lunch pot is the perfect size and shape to store chocolate eggs at Easter time. Failing that, the round shape makes it suitable for the base to be used as a bowl and to be filled with all manner of delicious treats!

animal themed party pots tortoise


All these animal themed party lunch pots are available in packs of 200 for just £57.47 – that works out at just 29p per pot! Like unusual packaging? Then you’ll love the look of our Eagle Decanter Bottle!

*Prices are correct at the time of publication (29th June 2017) but are subject to change.

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Grab a bargain from our clearance deals!

Clearance sale header

Do you need a storage container but have a tight budget to stick to? Our ‘Stock Clearance Deals’ could be just what you’re looking for. Featuring new packaging, direct from our stock and ready for delivery, this is the place to get your stackables, jerrycans, buckets and bottles at a reduced price, before they’re gone for good.

New additions to our clearance deals include:


500ml White Plastic Pot & Tamper Evident Lid500ml white plastic tub

Made from food grade polypropylene (PP), this is a robust, versatile plastic tub, suitable for a wide range of food and non-food items. It comes with a tamper evident lid, which helps to prevent contamination during storage and transit. You can use this container for non-hazardous chemicals; paints, pastes and adhesives; nutritional supplement powders; confectionery; cooking ingredients, bulk catering spreads and sandwich fillers; animal feed and many other products.



5 Litre UN Blue Stackable (Jerrycan) & Din51 Tamper Evident Cap5 litre blue jerrycan

This 5 litre container is food grade approved and UN certified for hazardous chemicals. It’s made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is capable of withstanding heavy handling during storage and shipping, with a tamper evident cap for added security. This is a space saving container, due to its stacking capability. It’s suitable for oils, lubricants, detergents, paints, food additives, fertilisers and more.





25 Litre UN Black Square Round (Jerrycan) & Din61 Vented Tamper Evident Cap25 litre black jerrycan

If you need a reliable bulk container, this 25 litre black ‘square round’ is ideal. Also UN certified for chemical use and approved for food, this is the ideal industrial jerrycan for storing and transporting foods, toiletries, detergents, chemicals, oils, additives, adhesives, paints and pesticides. The vented cap helps to prevent the build up of gases and it has a tamper evident seal for added security.




Hurry and grab a bargain before they’re all gone!