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How To Achieve A Modern Style With Your Brand

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A few weeks ago we explored how you can achieve a vintage style with your brand, so this week, we’re going to flip the tables and look at a modern style of branding. Whilst there is no correct way to brand your products, there are a few key elements that you can include to show that your brand is contemporary. Let us talk you through a few of our ideas!

Modern Style Packaging

The packaging you choose is the first thing that your customers will see on the shelf or on your website, so it needs to be eye-catching! The big trend for modern brands, both now and in the future, is the push for eco-friendly packaging. This doesn’t necessarily mean everything has to be packaged in paper bags – this clearly wouldn’t be feasible for most food and drink brands! It does however mean that brands need to look at how their packaging is being disposed. Is the material recyclable? Can it be reused? Is it harming the environment? Non-recyclable plastics would be a big no-go area for brands wishing to go from strength to strength.

Here at Ampulla, we have a wide range of eco-friendly packaging that includes PET plastic and glass. For high end brands, glass is the perfect option, as it is a sturdy, quality material that can be reused time and time again. Did you know that glass can be recycled limitless times and never loses quality? However, glass can only be recycled into more glass, whilst plastic has more possibilities available to it. It can of course be recycled into more plastic, but can also be turned into fabric materials, thin plastic bags, rubbish bins and so much more!

Modern style packaging options, regardless of whether they are glass, plastic or aluminium, have to be sleek and simple. Most new brands opt for geometric shapes such as cubes and pyramids, but simple curves can also look great. Just make sure to steer clear of rustic looking designs, such as apothecary, dropper and swing top bottles, just to name a few. The more simple the shape, the better! Check out our modern style jars and bottles shown above, which are all currently available on our website! They are the Clear Plastic Jar, Glossy Black PET Plastic Bottle, 150ml Aluminium Jar, 29cl Glass Cube Vase and the 100ml Paradis Glass Decanter. But bear in mind, your colour scheme and labelling will also have a massive impact on how your brand is perceived…

Colour & Design

Design has changed so much over the last few decades, which is reflected in the design of many of our favourite brands. Previously, brands used a lot of imagery and text to promote their products in posters and on their labelling, however these days things have got slightly more sophisticated. Logos are a huge part of how your brand is recognised by your customers, so getting it right is very important.

Modern style logos tend to be in the 2D dimension and use a simple colour scheme of around 2 – 3 colours. The key is not to overcomplicate the design, as it will quickly become a blur in the eyes of the consumer. The logo for Burger King is a great example for showing how modern design has evolved. In the 1950’s and 60’s, their logo was very overcomplicated and literal, featuring a King sitting on top of a burger, therefore he is a ‘Burger King’. However, from 2002 onwards, you can see just how much this logo has changed and simplified. There is now a very simple colour palette, clean lines and shadowing added. It is instantly recognisable and still retains the image of the burger, but in a minimalist style.

modern style burger king logo

Although Burger King has been around for decades and has the ability to change their logo every now and then without causing too much confusion, we can still take inspiration from their current design. The old saying is ‘less is more’ and with the modern style of branding this couldn’t be more true. In terms of both the logo and labelling, we advise that you stick to a clean and simple colour palette, along with an easy-to-read font. This means using sans serif fonts that can be resized with ease. We’ve found a number of examples that you can take inspiration from and get a feel for below.

modern style font

Pair these types of font with a clean, contrasting background and you’ll be onto a winning design!

Brand Voice

Whilst vintage style brands tend to focus their copy around a charming origin story, modern brands usually cut straight to the chase and tell their customers the function of their product and why they need it. Whether it’s the latest bit of technology or a simple juice drink, the concept is the same. Take Apple for example: their whole brand voice is centred around convenience and style. Their customers know that when they buy an iPod or iPhone, they are buying into the lifestyle ideals that are associated with it, of innovation, communication and luxury. Alternatively take a look at Red Bull, who have taken a simple drink and turned it into an advertisement for adventure! Whenever you’re writing copy for your brand, try not to simply focus on the features of the product, but the lifestyle you want your customers to embody.

Key Points To Take Away

  • Have a simple logo and label design
  • Use minimal colour schemes
  • Use eco-friendly or recyclable packaging

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