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Go Wild For Our Animal Themed Party Lunch Pots!

animal themed party lunch pots

Holding an animal themed party for your little one? Looking for a fun way to liven up children’s school lunches? Then you’ll love these unique, lunch pots from our Novelty Snack Box range!

These cute little pots make great food displays at children’s birthday parties, or even to add a bit of silliness to a grown up occasion! They come in 3 different designs: Elephant, Pig and Tortoise, are sold in packs of 200 and are 100% recyclable.

Why choose a animal themed party pot?

  • They’re robust and disposable;
  • The lids press into shape to keep food fresh;
  • They encourage healthy eating;
  • The base doubles up as a bowl;
  • They are the perfect size to satisfy little appetites!

The pots are ideal for serving up mixed salads, nuts, fruit and other nutritional snacks, as the fun presentation of the meal may encourage picky eaters to give new, healthy foods a try! It’s also the perfect size for party favourites such as sandwiches, biscuits and confectionery.


This baby elephant is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face! Fill with fresh salad or snacks that will satisfy even the largest of appetites!

animal themed party pots elephant


Why not serve up BLT sandwiches or smoky bacon crisps in this little fellow? Unfortunately, this version of our novelty lunch pots is currently out of stock at the time of publication (29th June 2017), but please check back regularly in order to be one of the first to grab them once they’re back!

animal themed party pots pig


We think that this tortoise shaped lunch pot is the perfect size and shape to store chocolate eggs at Easter time. Failing that, the round shape makes it suitable for the base to be used as a bowl and to be filled with all manner of delicious treats!

animal themed party pots tortoise


All these animal themed party lunch pots are available in packs of 200 for just £57.47 – that works out at just 29p per pot! Like unusual packaging? Then you’ll love the look of our Eagle Decanter Bottle!

*Prices are correct at the time of publication (29th June 2017) but are subject to change.