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Glass Packaging In Europe: The Comeback

glass packaging in europe

Glass packaging in Europe is on the rise! This is surely down to consumers waking up to the fact that plastic waste is causing damage to our environment, especially our oceans and costal areas, where tonnes and tonnes of plastic packaging is washing up on shores and injuring animals that live in that environment. Glass offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to many brands who have long been using plastic, as it does offer the similar properties of strength and durability whilst also providing a more luxurious feel in hand.

Making the switch to glass from plastic can be a big decision for businesses, as glass is more expensive, meaning that the additional costs may need to be absorbed by the business or passed onto the customers. However there is the strong possibility, based on figures coming from businesses that have made the switch, that your sales will grow due to new eco-conscious consumers switching to your brand!

The Trends

This statement isn’t just based on a feeling, we’ve got cold hard facts to back it up…

Did You Know?

  • The largest home deliverer of milk in the UK, Milk & More, have seen 15,000 new customers since the start of 2018, of which 90% are ordering milk in glass bottles. The BBC spoke to 20 milk delivery businesses and 17 of those said that they have seen an increase in sales for milk in glass bottles this year;
  • A survey carried out in 2016 found that 1 in 2 Europeans say that they use more glass than the 3 years previously. It also found that 75% of Europeans view glass as the most environmentally friendly packaging;
  • Between 2018-2022, it is estimated that the glass packaging industry will have a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 2%, according to Technavio analysts;
  • 20.9 million tonnes (equivalent to 75.9 billion units) of glass packaging was produced in Europe for the EU and international food and drink markets in 2016;
  • Glass is the 3rd most recyclable packaging material, after paper and metal;
  • 70% of glass packaging produced in Europe comes from recycled glass.

Thinking of making the switch to glass?

We’ve got a massive array of packaging options for you to choose from here at Ampulla. The beauty with glass packaging is that it often is available in many traditional designs to evoke feelings of days gone by. This is great for food and drink products that use traditional recipes, have a long heritage or are made using local ingredients.

Our Swing Top Bottles are a great example of this, with the clasp and stopper design first patented in the 1870’s, making them fantastic classically-inspired packaging products. Our 250ml ‘Costalata’ Swing Top Bottles feature beautiful faceted glass bodies and start from only £2.42 each! Another rustic styled bottle is our 200ml Frescor Juice Bottle, which is based on the style of milk bottles from the 50’s – and it even comes with a gold topped twist lid to complete the nostalgia! Other cap colours are now available and prices start from just 41p each with a lid.

glass packaging ampulla

Our 250ml Farmers Juice Bottle is even cheaper, starting from just 33p each for the bottle and gold lid bundle! This bottle is simple, stylish and comes complete with a rubber-lined, airtight lid that locks in your drinks freshness. Finally, if you’ve got a range of jams or preserves, then our 190ml Glass Preserve Jar & Red/White Gingham Lid is absolutely ideal! It’s a modern looking jar with a traditional twist lid, making it perfect for use in 2018. Get these jars today starting from just 44p each!

Glass is clearly the superior packaging material for many food and drink products due to its strength, durability, recyclability and attractive appearance.

But This Doesn’t Mean That Plastic Is Obsolete!

Whilst not as environmentally friendly as glass, plastic still has its place in the marketplace as a reliable packaging solution, and there are plenty of plastic options that are recyclable as well. We just need to make sure that they are actually being recycled! Plastic is still the best packaging choice for those businesses that:

  • Need a more flexible material;
  • Need a lightweight packaging solution;
  • Need a less expensive packaging material.

Thick sauces, butter, yoghurts… these are just some of the food products that are better suited to plastic packaging. If you want high quality plastic packaging, then take a look at our large range of bottles, jars, buckets, tubs and jerrycans.

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New Year, New Ideas!

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As 2017 draws to a close, we’ve started to think about what you can do to gear up your business for the New Year. There are new packaging trends to consider, as well as the projected growth of your business, in order to continue to make your business a success in 2018. Check out a few of our ideas for packaging and trends to follow for the New Year and, if you have any tips yourself, just let us know in the comments!

Be Environmentally Friendly

As you are probably already aware of, there is a big push for disposable packaging to be fully recyclable in order to contribute towards to fight against climate change and pollution of our planet (Blue Planet 2 anybody?). Here at Ampulla, we have plenty of recyclable plastic packaging on offer, as well as glass. Our most recent additions to our collection are the Edge Cosmetic Jars, which are made from recyclable polypropylene plastic in a choice of three sizes (200ml, 350ml and 500ml) and two colours (black and white). They are ideal for packaging your range of cosmetics, such as face creams, moisturisers and hair styling wax, just to name a few examples.

As well as thinking hard about your choice of packaging, you need to think about how you get this message across to your customer, who may still simply throw the empty container into landfill, which defeats the purpose of your packaging entirely! The best way to make it clear is to place the information in an obvious place on your labelling, or even have suggestions on what your customers can do with the empty packaging once the product inside has been used up. This could simply include the proper disposal information, or tips on how to up-cycle the jars, bottles or tubs into something beautiful!

Get Stylish

Instead of opting for generic-shaped jars and bottles, why not go for something a little more stylish and that will stand out on the shelf in the New Year? We have plenty of great looking options that offer something a little different from the norm.

Our Swing Top Bottles are a rustic alternative to standard glass bottles, with a ceramic stopper that is attached with a metal clasp so you can never lose it! It’s ideal for storing milkshakes, juices and cordials, especially if these products are made by small, local businesses! Another old-fashioned glass products are our Le Parfait Jars, which also come with a clasped lid. They come in a massive variety of sizes, from 500ml up to 3 litres, with distinctive, orange rubber-lined lids that lock in your product’s freshness. They’re great for jams, pickles, flour, rice and so much more.

If you like the look of cardboard, but it isn’t suitable or practical to store your product in, then our Cardboard Effect Bottles are perfect for you! They are made from HDPE plastic, which is lightweight, durable and can be recycled. They’d be perfect for packaging liquid-like products that have been produced ethically, as the cardboard texture puts across this message in a stylish way. Finally, for all the jam makers out there, we have our Hexagonal Glass Jars. They have distinctive ridged edges that give you a firm grip in hand, as well as looking fantastic!

Think Outside Of The Box!

If the options above aren’t wacky enough for your liking, no fear! These items ought to get you excited…

Behold our 700ml Eagle Decanter! There’s no better way to make a statement than to package your spirits and liqueurs in this unique glass bottle, and it would look fantastic in your customers’ drinks cabinets. The head of the majestic eagle acts as a glass lid, complete with a cork stopper enclosed within. Alternatively, you can serve up cocktails of your choice in our 500ml Quattro Stag Jars, which come with stylish, screw on, gold lids and are embossed with the brand trademark. It also features a useful glass handle so that you can drink from it as easily as you would with a mug!

Finally, our most novelty items are our Animal-Shaped Plastic Lunch Pots. They come in a choice of animals, including Elephants and Tortoises, and would make the perfect lunch pack for kids to take to school! They would also be fantastic for packaging children’s meals in cafes and supermarkets.

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How To Achieve A Modern Style With Your Brand

modern style branding header

A few weeks ago we explored how you can achieve a vintage style with your brand, so this week, we’re going to flip the tables and look at a modern style of branding. Whilst there is no correct way to brand your products, there are a few key elements that you can include to show that your brand is contemporary. Let us talk you through a few of our ideas!

Modern Style Packaging

The packaging you choose is the first thing that your customers will see on the shelf or on your website, so it needs to be eye-catching! The big trend for modern brands, both now and in the future, is the push for eco-friendly packaging. This doesn’t necessarily mean everything has to be packaged in paper bags – this clearly wouldn’t be feasible for most food and drink brands! It does however mean that brands need to look at how their packaging is being disposed. Is the material recyclable? Can it be reused? Is it harming the environment? Non-recyclable plastics would be a big no-go area for brands wishing to go from strength to strength.

Here at Ampulla, we have a wide range of eco-friendly packaging that includes PET plastic and glass. For high end brands, glass is the perfect option, as it is a sturdy, quality material that can be reused time and time again. Did you know that glass can be recycled limitless times and never loses quality? However, glass can only be recycled into more glass, whilst plastic has more possibilities available to it. It can of course be recycled into more plastic, but can also be turned into fabric materials, thin plastic bags, rubbish bins and so much more!

Modern style packaging options, regardless of whether they are glass, plastic or aluminium, have to be sleek and simple. Most new brands opt for geometric shapes such as cubes and pyramids, but simple curves can also look great. Just make sure to steer clear of rustic looking designs, such as apothecary, dropper and swing top bottles, just to name a few. The more simple the shape, the better! Check out our modern style jars and bottles shown above, which are all currently available on our website! They are the Clear Plastic Jar, Glossy Black PET Plastic Bottle, 150ml Aluminium Jar, 29cl Glass Cube Vase and the 100ml Paradis Glass Decanter. But bear in mind, your colour scheme and labelling will also have a massive impact on how your brand is perceived…

Colour & Design

Design has changed so much over the last few decades, which is reflected in the design of many of our favourite brands. Previously, brands used a lot of imagery and text to promote their products in posters and on their labelling, however these days things have got slightly more sophisticated. Logos are a huge part of how your brand is recognised by your customers, so getting it right is very important.

Modern style logos tend to be in the 2D dimension and use a simple colour scheme of around 2 – 3 colours. The key is not to overcomplicate the design, as it will quickly become a blur in the eyes of the consumer. The logo for Burger King is a great example for showing how modern design has evolved. In the 1950’s and 60’s, their logo was very overcomplicated and literal, featuring a King sitting on top of a burger, therefore he is a ‘Burger King’. However, from 2002 onwards, you can see just how much this logo has changed and simplified. There is now a very simple colour palette, clean lines and shadowing added. It is instantly recognisable and still retains the image of the burger, but in a minimalist style.

modern style burger king logo

Although Burger King has been around for decades and has the ability to change their logo every now and then without causing too much confusion, we can still take inspiration from their current design. The old saying is ‘less is more’ and with the modern style of branding this couldn’t be more true. In terms of both the logo and labelling, we advise that you stick to a clean and simple colour palette, along with an easy-to-read font. This means using sans serif fonts that can be resized with ease. We’ve found a number of examples that you can take inspiration from and get a feel for below.

modern style font

Pair these types of font with a clean, contrasting background and you’ll be onto a winning design!

Brand Voice

Whilst vintage style brands tend to focus their copy around a charming origin story, modern brands usually cut straight to the chase and tell their customers the function of their product and why they need it. Whether it’s the latest bit of technology or a simple juice drink, the concept is the same. Take Apple for example: their whole brand voice is centred around convenience and style. Their customers know that when they buy an iPod or iPhone, they are buying into the lifestyle ideals that are associated with it, of innovation, communication and luxury. Alternatively take a look at Red Bull, who have taken a simple drink and turned it into an advertisement for adventure! Whenever you’re writing copy for your brand, try not to simply focus on the features of the product, but the lifestyle you want your customers to embody.

Key Points To Take Away

  • Have a simple logo and label design
  • Use minimal colour schemes
  • Use eco-friendly or recyclable packaging

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