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New Eagle decanter bottle for high-flying spirits

Glass Eagle spirit bottle













Eagle decanter bottle

The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted the new addition to our family, a rare breed of packaging – the Eagle decanter bottle. All puns aside, this is a fine specimen of a bottle. These days, many glass spirit and liqueur bottles conform to the standard round shape, but the Eagle bottle is quite the opposite. This is a highly detailed bottle in the form of an eagle, complete with glass claw and feather outlines, eyes and a beak.

Eagle decanter bottleThe only thing that’s standard about the Eagle bottle is its capacity. At 700ml (70cl), it holds the same amount as your average spirit bottle. This makes it ideal for selling limited edition spirits and speciality liqueurs in. As well as having a cork stopper cap, the eagle’s head acts as a glass lid, which completely covers top of the cork. A novel feature of the eagle’s head is that it also holds the equivalent of a double measure of alcohol – great for serving at dinner parties.

With no minimum order requirements, the Eagle decanter bottle can be purchased in single quantities, as well as in larger numbers. This means that everyone can have a feathered friend – it’s not just for established drinks companies. As well as being handy for gifts, you could use the Eagle bottle to fill with your favourite spirit at home. It would make a great addition to any drinks cabinet.

Complete the set

Once you have your Eagle bottle, you’ll need a quality glass tumbler to decant your tipple into. Our glass votives, although often used as candle jars, are quality, heavy based glasses that are perfect for drinking spirits and liqueurs from. The drink-sized votives range from 5cl (50ml) up to 38cl (380ml), suitable for neat drinks or for adding mixers. Votives will add quality to bar and restaurant drinks and they’re ideal for selling with spirit gift sets too.

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