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Trendy versus traditional

Trendy versus traditional glass drinkware


When it comes to drinking, whether it’s at a bar, restaurant, party, event or in your own home, for some reason a drink always tastes better when it’s in a fancy glass, bottle or, nowadays, even a jar. That’s right, recently the use of glass jars for cocktails, smoothies and other drinks has been growing in popularity. Somehow putting drinks in a different, quirky kind of vessel makes the experience more of a novelty and a treat.


Although glass drinking jars seem to be all the rage, this new trend isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – perhaps you prefer a more traditional look instead. Well, you’re in luck. As we like to try and cater for everyone’s tastes here at Ampulla, in contrast to our new ‘Stag’ glass drinking jar, we’ve also just added a traditional ‘Gallone’ glass bottle to our range. So now you have the choice of swigging spirits in style or gulping ale the good old fashioned way.


Glass drinking jar with handleFor the trend lover

500ml Quattro Stag Glass Drinking Jar

Italians are known for their great sense of style and this Italian made ‘Quattro Stagioni’ glass drinking jar is no exception. Made from quality glass, which is embossed with a logo and decorative motif, this chic 500ml capacity drinking vessel even has a glass handle to make drinking from it a breeze. It’s even useful for pre-made drinks, with its rubber lined gold screw on lid for sealing in freshness.

Despite being called a ‘drinking jar’, this multi-functional Stag jar can be used for storing and serving food too. The clear glass is perfect for showcasing layered meals, such as salads, pasta, noodles and puddings. It almost sounds too good to be true – the only downside is that this jar has a maximum temperature of 50°C, so it’s best suited to cool drinks and food (we don’t recommend filling it with anything that’s very hot or very cold).



Vintage glass gallone beer bottleFor the traditionalist

1 litre Gallone Glass Bottle

If the latest trends do nothing but annoy you and you’d prefer a traditional, trusted style bottle for your product, or you run a vintage themed bar or a rustic country restaurant, the 1 litre glass ‘Gallone’ bottle could be just what you need. The Gallone bottle’s distinct style will grab customers’ attention – you can fill it with beer, cider, wine, fruit juice, water and many other drinks. It’s great for beer and cider festivals, breweries and distilleries, or even your own home brewing. The bottle comes with a black screw on cap, which is lined to help prevent leakage and seal in freshness.

Although it’s quite a contrast to the Stag jar, the Gallone bottle does have a couple of similarities. Firstly, it has a small handle for easy drinking. Secondly, it’s just as multi-functional, so you can use it for much more than just drink. How about maple syrup, sauces, oils and dressings? Or if you’re the creative type, you can turn this bottle into a table display – simply add a few flowers or use it as a candle holder.



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Get with the trend with our new glassware

New glass drinkwareIf you’re after something a little different and more ‘on trend’ for your beverages than our packaging staples (juice bottles, beer bottles, wine bottles and mineral water bottles), you’re in luck. New to our ever-expanding range is some stylish glassware that may be more versatile than you think. That’s right, with a little imagination our new glass Mason jar and Polo bottle would be perfect for many different drinks, but they’d also come in handy for home craft projects too.


500ml glass ‘Mason’ jar

You may think that Mason jars are nothing new, having been used for preserving a variety of foods over many years. These quality clear glass jars come with a 2 part gold cap, which consists of a flat, rubber-lined lid that rests on the top of the jar, and a screw on surround lid to create a secure, airtight seal. However, the lid doesn’t have to be used to keep jams fresh, in fact you don’t have to use the lid at all if you don’t want to. Recently, Mason jars are being used for almost anything but preserving!


More and more bars and restaurants are using Mason jars to serve drinks in, as an alternative to standard glassware. But that’s not all – as well as jams, chutneys and pickles, Mason jars can be used for: cocktails, mocktails, smoothies, milkshakes, overnight oats, breakfast pots, salads, sauces, small flower arrangements, table decorations and wedding favours.


Our 500ml glass Mason jars cost £22.35 for a box of 12 (£1.86 each). The more jars you order, the cheaper they become per unit, being £315.59 for 192 jars (£1.64 each), or £1757.43 for a bulk quantity of 1,188 jars (£1.48 each). Prices include VAT, but exclude delivery.

Glass Mason jar ideas











700ml glass ‘Polo’ bottle

Our Polo bottle has nothing to do with the popular mint with a hole, in fact we’re not quite sure where the name came from, but more importantly, this is a stylish, high quality glass bottle that will enhance a wide variety of products or shop/bar displays. The bottle comes with a cork stopper cap and is perfect for re-filling, with a large surface area for adding your own label.


You may have noticed that more and more liqueurs and limited edition spirits are being sold in glass bottles just like this Polo bottle. That’s because it’s more visually appealing than standard screw top bottles, giving products a look of quality. As well as spirits and liqueurs, including gin, whisky, vodka and rum, this 700ml glass bottle can be used for: still lemonades, cordials, table water or wine, infused oils, sauces, a single flower vase, table decoration or display.


Our glass Polo bottles are £3.17 each, or £253.49 for 100 (£2.53 each), or if ordering in bulk, £1445.85 for 676 (£2.14 each). Prices include VAT, but exclude delivery.

Glass bottles with cork stopper