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Shrink Sleeve Closures

Shrink Sleeve

Twist off closures have been used within the food and drinks industry for many decades and for many decades to come. Favoured with acidic and vinegar based products due to the rubber lining within the lid, both preserving freshness and preventing leakage. However with non tamper evident screw top caps and twist-off closures, once the product has left the security of your kitchen/ factory or restaurant your product is at risk of being tampered with. A risk neither you or your customers should take.

At Ampulla we are always trying to source new and exciting products, we also look for ways to help our customers provide the best product for their customers too and so with this in mind, we’ve looked at ways larger food companies tackle the above issue and our conclusion is something many of you will be already familiar with. Shop bought sauces, dressings, jams etc, you’ll notice many come with a protective plastic sleeve around the neck and cap, this must then be teared open before the cap or lid can be unscrewed. You would be right in thinking this process would be done at the manufacturing stage once the product has been mass produced and filled, and you are probably also thinking, that’s good for them with all their big machinery and manufacturing processes but we are just starting out producing our product. What if we told you there’s now a product out there, that can be applied by hand without the use of heavy machinery, creating a tamper proof seal, and better still, this product can now be bought directly from Ampulla.

Trialling in a few pre-cut sizes, our shrink sleeve closures are in stock now. Made from wood pulp, seals are fully bio-degradable when discarded. Seals come in a protective container and held in a mild (Non harmful) preservative solution and are fully transparent once dried.

Drying Rates

Shrink sleeves are applied to the bottle/ jar top and neck, this is done when they are wet and only one sleeve is needed per jar. Sleeves are then allowed to dry naturally, drying times can depend on air and container temperature and the shape of the container. Shrinkage usually starts within 10 – 15 minutes and within one hour most of the shrinkage will have taken place. Some bottlers will accelerate the drying time by using hot air blowers, but we do advise customers do so at their own risk.

Storage and handling

Do not allow the sleeves to freeze, or store them in minus temperatures, as this will weaken them. Rotate the container regular as this will stop the separation of the preservative solution. Please make sure the shrink sleeves are always covered in the provided solution to prolong their lifespan and to prevent drying out. Do not store the sleeves in water as this will remove the plasticiser and the sleeves will split after application.
Other benefits include:

A secure winkle free, tamper proof seal

Enhances the appearance of a product

Hand applied

Eliminates dust and dampness

Perfect for heat sensitive products.


Sizes & Compatible products so far:

24mm Diameter

187mm Clear PET wine and dressing bottle

5oz Clear glass vinegar bottle

10oz Clear glass vinegar bottle


30mm Diameter

250ml Clear glass sauce bottle


38mm Diameter

200ml Frescor Bottle & 38mm Twist off lid

250ml Frescor Bottle & 38mm twist off lid

15ml Glass ointment jar

30ml Glass ointment jar

250ml Glass juice bottle & 38mm twist off lid


43mm Diameter

250ml Clear glass/ dressing bottle & 43mm twist off lid

 500ml Clear glass juice/ dressing bottle & 43mm twist off lid

250ml Hexagon glass sauce bottle

250ml Round sauce bottle & 43mm twist off lid


48mm Diameter

500ml Frescor Bottle & 48mm twist off lid

750ml Frescor glass bottle & 48mm twist off lid

1 litre Fescor juice bottle& 48mm twist off lid

106ml clear glass food jar and 48mm twist off lid


63mm Diameter

190ml Clear glass food jars

8oz Quadro style jars

212ml Orcio Jars & 63mm twist of lids

314ml Orcio Jam jars & 63mm twist off lid

12oz Square glass jar & 63mm twist off lids

370ml Chutney Jars & 63mm twist off lids

380ml Glass preserve jar & 63mm twist off lid


The above product list is a guide only. To check whether your usual container is compatible. Look for the ‘shrink-Sleeve’ logo:

Shrink Closure bub1