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Should You Use Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic In Your Business?

Post-consumer recycled plastics are important for creating sustainable packaging and products across the world. In the post-consumer recycling process, used plastics from households and businesses are collected, cleaned, treated and made into new products.

The development of the post consumer recycling process means everyone – from parents to kids to businesses to retirees – can play an active role in reducing waste and positively impacting the environment.

But the system relies on businesses choosing to use post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics. And while recycling has become the standard in many households, lots of businesses aren’t yet taking advantage of PCR plastic. So is it the right choice for your company?

The Benefits Of Post-Consumer Recycled Plastics

Going green

There’s no doubt about it – using post consumer recycled products helps the planet. It means less plastic going to landfill, and fewer of Earth’s natural resources being used to create new virgin plastics. By using PCR plastic, you can be sure you’re doing your bit for the environment.

Going to market

It’s easy to market PCR products. Climate change and environmental issues have captured the global zeitgeist, so using post consumer recycled plastic is a great way to position yourself as a sustainability-focused business with its finger on the pulse. Half of digital consumers say that environmental issues impact their buying decisions – and with younger generations leading the way, this is likely to become more important in time.

Going for gold

Using post consumer recycled materials doesn’t break the bank. In fact, it can actually be cheaper to use PCR packaging than regular plastic bottles. So in terms of profitability and business planning, post consumer recycled packaging makes sense.

What’s not so great?

The limitations of PCR packaging are few and far between – PCR plastics are just as sturdy and resilient as virgin plastics. However, there are some cosmetic differences to regular plastics that businesses thinking of making the switch should be aware of.

PCR bottles don’t always have the crystal clear look that new plastic bottles have. They’re usually somewhere between a translucent stone and a cool grey colour. These neutral shades are easy on the eye, so they’re sure to integrate well with almost any brand.

Some PCR plastics aren’t suitable for storing food or drink products, so if you’re shopping for food-safe packaging, it’s important to check the credentials of your PCR bottle before you buy.

The Verdict On PCR Plastics

Post consumer recycled packaging benefits businesses, as well as helping the planet. It’s a cheap, sustainable alternative to virgin plastic – so whether you’re making homemade remedies on a small scale, or mass producing health and beauty products, using PCR products is a great way to do your bit for the environment.

All our PCR bottles are available with no minimum order, so brands of any size can buy as many as they need. If you’re looking for large quantities of recycled plastic bottles, we also offer discounts when you shop in wholesale amounts. Take a look at our full range to find your perfect PCR bottle.