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Our wholesale glass swing top bottles are a fantastic alternative to traditional drinks bottles. Our faceted, green tinted, quality glass swing top bottles come complete with a ceramic stopper, which creates an airtight seal that is perfect for storing a range of soft drinks and carbonated beverages. They are attached to the body of the bottle using a metal clasp – so you can never lose them!

The ceramic stopper adds a premium touch to your tall statuesque bottle – so they’re ideal for table water in restaurants, as well as for retail purposes.

Suitable Uses

Show off your homemade drinks and package them in the luxurious bottles they deserve. Our wholesale glass swing top bottles are reusable and resealable, and they also look fantastic!

Swing top bottles are perfect for home brewers, restaurants and cafes. They’re also suitable for the storage of sloe gins, lagers, ales, ciders, elderflower wines or even elderflower champagne, as well as soft drinks.

Sizes Available

Our bottles come in the following sizes: 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1 litre. The 125ml bottle is a square bottle, whilst the larger sizes come in an attractive, faceted, circular shape. All our bottles add a touch of class to your product or environment.

Quality Bottles You Can Rely On

Unlike the cheaper alternatives out there, our wholesale glass bottles come complete with ceramic and rubber stoppers with strong metal clasps.

As with all Ampulla products, we recommend that you perform a product test before committing to large orders.