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Plastic Jerrycans. Bulk storage for hazardous chemicals

Plastic stackables

If you’re looking for a packaging solution for bulk and hazardous chemicals, then look no further, here at ampulla we may well have just the right container for you. In the form of our stackable, plastic jerrycans, ideal if space is of a premium, because as the name says these containers are stackable due to their unique design and stacking lugs.  Designed for high filling weights, stress resistancy and stacking ability our stackable jerrycans, blow moulded from quality HDPE (High density polyethylene) complete with integrated handle, ensures optimum usage and handling performance. Available in a range of sizes from just 2.5 litre up to 30 litres in a range of colours ensures you’ll find the right container for your business.  Used throughout the chemical and industrial industries, these containers are UN approved and suitable for aggressive products, such as fuels and hazardous chemicals but equally at home with non aggressive solutions such as foodstuffs and waters, perfect if you run an outdoors organisation.  Available with the choice of neck sizes, in a range of volumes, heights, and colours with the added option of tamper evident caps or taps available to suit your product.

For less aggressive products, such as detergents, household chemicals, foodstuffs and cleaning solutions we stock a range of non stackable jerrycans, again made form quality HDPE in a range of sizes and colours, complete with tamper evident caps for thicker solutions there’s a pump option available. For a cheaper storage solution, try our plastic jerrycan. All have a 38mm neck making them perfect for quick and easy filling.

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