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Plastic food pots


For those summer picnics and days out to the zoo why not go old school and pack your own lunch. The variety of food available in your average supermarket is much bigger than the inevitable branded burger café or gift shop fridge sandwich so make it a mission to prepare you and your children’s favourite food. We have the perfect solution to all the factors to make your packed lunch a success our Plastic food tub. The airtight seal is guaranteed to make those tuna sandwiches stay fresh and uncrushed. The variable sizes will allow you portion control for those calorie counters amongst us and the very biggest will allow you to pack a wonderful homemade salad without it being crushed. We have the perfect way to prepare those salads all explained below:

The key to making the perfect salads in our food pots is to get the texture of the layers right. The bottom layer should contain any sauces, dressings or foods with high water content, such as cucumber. This is so that the layers above are kept fresh and crispy, rather than going soggy. For the second layer, you can use some hearty vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, beans and potatoes. The next layer can include protein like meat, eggs, tofu or pulses and, to top the salad off, you can add grains such as quinoa, sunflower seeds and couscous, as well as nuts or dried fruit. There are so many different combinations to choose from and we have a range of food pots to choose from to suit.

Plastic food pots are better suited to outdoor catering than any other material, with it being shatterproof and, as such, is ideal for picnic hampers, outdoor events, food markets and takeaways. After all, who wants to cart around a basket full of glass jars to their picnic location, when they can carry plastic instead? Some of our food tubs even have their own handles, making it even easier for customers to carry convenience food away with them.

All of our food tubs are manufactured from clear food grade polypropylene plastic, which is recyclable, dishwasher safe and suitable for microwaving. They all come with tamper evident press on lids as standard.