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Plastic Buckets & Halloween


It’s that time of year again folks! Halloween!!! And worse than that it’s school holidays too. Fear not all parents and grandparents out there (Yes I did hear you scream), help is at hand. As a mum of two energetic little ones I’m constantly looking for things to keep them entertained, especially on rainy days. Working for a plastic packaging company does have it’s advantages, not only do I have access to an endless supply of glass jars but plastic buckets too. The latter of which is perfect for this week’s blog project. ‘Homemade Halloween Candy Containers’ for those of you that cringe at the thought of paint entering the household, all you need is white paper, felt pens, (for a safer option crayons), glue, white plastic bucket and more importantly a bit of patience. And to inspire you even further here’s a few ideas to get you started how about a pumpkin face, ghost or Dracula?…

Once the mess is cleared away and you’re little monsters are ready to don their outfits. Why not send in a photo of the finished product…. I’m sure we can come up with a prize for the best design.