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Plastic Bottles – HDPE and PET

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HDPE and PET plastic bottles – the safe option for your product


Despite past rumours that ‘Bisphenol A’ (BPA) in plastic packaging could cause health problems to humans, a recent study by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has concluded that BPA does NOT pose any health risks to consumers, at current exposure levels ( It’s also a myth that leaving a plastic drinks bottle in a car will cause carcinogens to seep into the drink. However, if you’re not entirely convinced by these findings, you can rest assured that our PET and HDPE plastic bottles do NOT contain BPA.


Not only are our HDPE and PET plastic bottles entirely safe, they also offer the following benefits:


  • They’re recyclable, so the material can be used again, which is far better for the environment than if they were put into landfill sites.
  • They’re lightweight and shatterproof, so transport costs are low and they won’t break in transit, causing hazards like glass bottles can.
  • They’re available with external tamper evident closures, which prevent contamination, from the point of manufacture to the end user.
  • They’re food grade approved, so you can use them for soft drinks, sauces, dressings, cooking oils and other foods.
  • You can choose from clear, natural, white, black or even blue coloured bottles, according to your desired look.
  • They have good chemical resistance, making them suitable for household cleaning products and garden sprays, such as weed killers.


The list of products that our plastic bottles can be used for is endless. They are used throughout the health and beauty, toiletry, food, drink, automotive, arts and crafts, janitorial, chemical, lubricant and agricultural industries. With no minimum order requirements, you can also buy a few bottles for your own use at home, or if you create specialised products, you don’t have to order bulk quantities that aren’t required.


Our wide range of closures can turn our plastic bottles into luxury hand cream dispensers, speciality hair styling sprays, relaxing bath soak containers, salad dressing pourers or healthy juice drinks, to name a few. All you need to do is add your own products and branding – perfect for both small and large businesses. It’s safe to say our HDPE and PET bottles have all the benefits, at great prices. Take a look for yourself.