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We’ve got the perfect jars for porridge

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World Porridge Day

If you’re reading this on 10th October, it’s World Porridge Day. Porridge is the breakfast staple for people all over the world, with good reason. Porridge can help to reduce cholesterol, it’s a good source of fibre and it releases energy slowly, keeping you full until lunchtime. You can eat porridge plain or you can add nutritious fruit, nuts and seeds to it or add a squeeze of sweet syrup. In fact, porridge is so popular that there is an annual World Porridge Making Championship, held in Scotland, which sees some really diverse porridge dishes served up.

Porridge jarsWorld Porridge Day has been established to help raise money for the charity Mary’s Meals. The charity’s aim is to provide meals for chronically hungry children in poor countries. Not only this, each meal is provided at a school, to help encourage education at the same time. Porridge is often served to the children, providing them with nutrition and energy. To help raise money for this worthy cause, Mary’s Meals is asking people to hold fundraising events involving porridge. You could hold a coffee and porridge morning, where you sell your special homemade porridge, or do something different – it’s up to you.


We’ve got the perfect jars for porridge

mason jarAs well as adding tasty toppings and flavours to your porridge, you can make it look even more appetising by putting it in our glass jars for porridge. Our food jars are made from clear glass, so you can see the consistency and layers of your porridge creations. The food jars come with lids, which will keep your porridge fresh until it’s time to eat it too. Our jars are a quirky option for selling porridge at cafes, coffee shops and canteens, or for making your own overnight oats to take to work.

Our favourite glass jar for porridge is the 500ml glass Mason jar. This trendy glass jar has plenty of room for porridge and toppings. It comes with a gold metal screw on lid, which goes over a rubber lined flat metal lid, for a tight seal. For a slightly heavier, luxurious jar, try our 500ml Le Parfait glass jar, which comes with a distinctive orange rubber seal and metal-hinged glass lid. For those of you on a budget, we have a great value 370ml glass food jar with a choice of rubber lined metal twist off lids. All you need to do is make the porridge to put in them!

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