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NEW 28mm bottle closures now in stock

selection of plastic and glass bottle closures

NEW 28mm closures, compatible with both glass and plastic bottles with 410/28mm necks.

Based on the popularity of the smaller 24mm closures, we’ve brought together a new family of 28mm closures. Whether your product needs a pump, spray or pour you’ll find a compatible closure to suit. New additions to the 28mm range come in the form of sprays and pump. The first being our white plastic screw-top atomiser spray head with clear cap, creates a fine mist application, perfect for body sprays, hair products, toners, room fresheners, medical and treatment sprays etc. For those of you looking to add a little extra luxury finish to their product, then our black and silver atomiser spray is ideal for adding just that! Jet black with silver trim gives a touch of extravagance with minimal cost. If it is a pump action rather than spray you require for your product, then try our black and silver lotion pump (all white version is already available). The locking neck ensures your customers can transport your product without the risk of the pump accidentally being used. Easily screwed on by hand and perfect for the dispensing of thicker liquids without any fuss, ideal for hand creams & lotions, liquid soaps, shampoo/conditioners, hair, bath and beauty products, cosmetic creams and much more.

Please note all our spray heads and lotion pumps come with a standard length dip tube, which may need to be trimmed prior to usage. This can be done simply by cutting the plastic tubing with household scissors.

Compatible with our glass sirop bottle range | 250ml – 500ml HDPE & PET plastic lotion bottles | Atomiser bottle range