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Expand into the commercialised world of specialised beers and ales with Ampulla.

The beer bottle market is flooded with bottle suppliers and manufacturers all claiming to be offering the best product at the best price. Here at Ampulla we like to think we offer the above, but what really sets our business apart from the rest is our flexibility and willingness to not only source quality bottles and products, but our acceptance that every business is individual and each business has their own individual needs. With this in mind why here at Ampulla we offer a pricing structure to suit everyone whether you’re brewing a new batch of ale in a back bedroom at home, or a startup brewery looking to expand in to the commercialised world of specialised beers and ales.

Ampulla teams up with one of the UKs leading glass manufacturer.

Beatson Clark pride themselves on superior performance, quality products, which is why their customer portfolio includes some of the UKs biggest beer (Brewdog, Samuel Smith Old Brewery, Fuller Smith & Turner), food and pharmaceutical companies, and it is because of this, Beatson Clark offer Ampulla the opportunity to add to regular bottle runs, which in turn means, Ampulla can offer smaller brewers and microbreweries the savings when it comes to purchasing larger bottle quantities.

A few beer bottle facts

  • Beatson Clark’s amber glass contains approximately 40% recycled content.  Some of which are generated from Beatson Clark’s onsite recycling plant. 30% on white flint and 50% on amber.
  • Bottles do not contain harmful chemicals. Such as Bisphenol A or Latex.
  • Totally inert, keeping products safe from contamination.
  • Amber glass protects the product within from at least 90% of UV light.

Fun beer facts

  • Ancient Babylonians were the first to brew beer, taking the full process very seriously, the brewer of a bad batch would be drowned in it! (Not much of a punishment if it was a good batch I suppose).
  • In the middle ages, due to the lack of clean water, it was safer to drink beer.
  • Keep your beers happy by always storing the bottles upright. Helps minimalise oxidation and contamination from the cap.
  • Vikings believed that a giant goat waited for them in heaven, who udders would provide and endless supply of beer.

On a serious note

Ampulla – Here to help independent brewers and microbreweries take their speciality beers and ales further.


For a competitive price on larger volume orders for the above, please contact our sister company Amphorea Packaging Ltd or you can call them direct on 0161 367 9093.