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Micro-Breweries did you know?

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Helping your beer stand out from the crowd.

It’s a fact that sales of cask and bottled beers are increasing and micro breweries throughout Britain are on the increase (There’s now more breweries in Britain than at any time since the Second World War), with numbers growing to well over 1000 breweries, the market is fierce and the task of not just producing a prize winning, taste pleasing popular beer, but producing a crowd pleasing cleverly designed beer bottle. For small brewers the cost of producing a uniquely designed bottle is out of reach, that’s the bad news.

However here is the good news. Standard amber bottles can now be customised by having your brewery name or logo embossed on to the finished moulds, which is a far more cost effect way than having to produce a fully bespoke design. Which in turn allows smaller quantities to be produced, minimum order for an embossed finishing mould is from approximately 150,000 units, when run along side a plain version. Ampulla’s sister company – Amphorea Packaging together with locally based and locally sourced Beatson Clark now offer glass embossing on all amber beer bottles. With state of the art equipment and a flexible approach to the production process now offers a cost effective way to help your brand stand out on the shelf.

Brewers and micro-breweries take note, customising a standard container has never been easier.

Emboss your name or logo onto a standard amber beer or ale bottle to create a bespoke design at a cost you wouldn’t believe. Ideal for specialist brands and promotions, choose from over 200 designs. With the option to emboss either the body or the base of the container, you’re sure to find the right look for your product.

embossed bottles

Take a look at the Beatson Clark video which shows that once a bottle has been embossed, it completely changes this standard container into a customised design.

If you would like further information regarding production, runs, costing and MVQ’s give a member of their team a call today: 0161 367 9093.


*Please note: Embossing is subject to mould charges

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