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Medical, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industries

Amber glass syrup bottle

Amber Glass Sirop (Syrup) Bottles

  • Protection from UV light.
  • Suitable for a range of pharmaceutical, medical and herbal products, childrens medicines and more.
  • Compatible with a range of closures including child proof caps.
  • Amber PET plastic bottles also available.

amber glass winchester medicine bottle

Heavy Glass Winchester Bottles

  • Heavy amber glass bottles.
  • Used within the chemical and pharmaceutical industry for the mixing, storage and dispensing of liquids.
  • Available with black Polycone closures.

Amber Pharmapac Jars

Amber Glass Pharmapac Jars

  • Wide necked amber and clear glass jars.
  • For healthcare, body shops, school labs and chemist usage.
  • Available with black lined Urea closures.

plastic oiintment jar

White (PP) Polypropylene Screw Top Jars

  • Wide necked food grade plastic.
  • Suitable for the storage of creams, lotions, health products, capsules and more etc.
  • Straight sided jars complete with ridged screw top lids.

Pharmapac pill container

White Pharmapac Containers

  • Available in sizes 30ml, 60ml. 90ml, 150ml, 250ml.
  • Suitable for use within the medical, pharmaceutical and food industry.
  • Child-proof caps available.

Capsule and tablet container

Securitainer pharmaceutical containers

  • Made from high quality Polypropylene.
  • Wide necked containers suitable for easy fill.
  • All containers come with push-on hinged tamper evident lids.
  • Suitable for powders, tablets, capsules, vitamins, granules and more.

glass ointment jar

Glass Ointment Jars