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Le Parfait Jars

Le Parfait Jars, glass lid hinged jars with trusted quality airtight, rubber seal.

Treat your jams & preserves to a little luxury… Genuine ‘Le Parfait Super Jars’ instantly recognised due to the distinctive Le Parfait shape, embossed ‘Le Parfait’ logo, quality ‘famous’ orange rubber (airtight) seal, hinged glass lid and clip mechanism all go together to create the perfect jar, to not just protecting your culinary creations but preserving the freshness of your flavours too… You can rest assured your jams will taste as good as the day they were created.

A strong trusted family of jars and a quality investment for the serious jammer, available in a range of sizes make these jars perfect for a range of preservation needs:  jams, chutneys, pickles, pickled vegetables, soups and sauces, there’s a 3 litre jar amongst this selection too, perfect for kitchen storage.

Le Parfait Jars…. Preserving foods since 1930 and made to last for many years yet!