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Le Parfait – the jars that keep on giving

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The perfect glass gift jars

Le Parfait gift jarWhether you love it or hate it, Christmas isn’t far away. Some overly organised people will have already bought all of their Christmas presents this year. However, we know that many of you won’t have had the time to think about what to get for people. For those of you who haven’t bought any gifts yet – if you can’t be bothered buying the latest over-priced technology fad online, or traipsing around crowded shops – why don’t you get creative and make your own Christmas gifts? Our glass gift jars are waiting to be filled with goodies for your loved ones. If you want the ultimate gift jar, choose our Le Parfait jars.

Le Parfait jars really do keep on giving after the gift inside has been used, as the jars can be re-used for other things, such as jam making, desserts, cooking ingredients, tea and coffee, table decorations, pet food, craft projects and general storage. The most popular and versatile size in our Le Parfait range is the 500ml jar. We also stock the following sizes: 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml, 1500ml, 2000ml and 3000ml. Each jar has an airtight orange rubber seal and glass lid with metal hinge and clasp, which is suitable for food and non-food items.

Christmas gift ideas for Le Parfait jars

Chocolate truffles gift jarSweet jars – either make your own chocolates and sweets, or you can choose a selection of retro sweets or other sweet treats.

Candles – candles make great gifts for the home and they’re relatively quick and easy to make. You can create scents to suit each recipient.

Bath salts or body scrubs – a gift jar of soothing bath salts or exfoliating body scrub would make a relaxing gift. It’s easy to make your own too.

Cosmetic or toiletry gift sets – buy a selection of make-up, beauty serums or mini toiletries for the perfect beauty gift jars.

Body scrub in glass jarCocktail making sets – all you need is a selection of miniature spirit bottles, sugar and/or flavouring, a straw (or two) and a set of instructions. You can even drink the cocktail from the gift jar, through a straw.

Dog treats – if you need a gift for a dog owner, or for the owner of a different kind of furry or feathered friend, fill a Le Parfait jar with delicious dog treats or other pet goodies.

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