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HDPE Plastic bottles

HDPE plastic bottles

Finding the right container for your product can be time consuming

Not only are there decisions to be made on the size and shape of the container, but whether to go with glass or plastic? To help make your decision easier Ampulla Packaging have brought together a wide range of plastic and glass bottles, containers and jars under one roof (So to say), in the shape of our online packaging shop. Within our range you’ll find HDPE (high density polyethylene) plastic bottles, lightweight, economical, impact resistant, highly durable plastic bottles. Offering great moisture and temperature protection, cold (-148°F) and heat (248°F).

HDPE a natural translucent plastic, allowing the colour and fill level of the product within to be easily seen, which is why many of our customers favour HDPE bottles for a variety of applications including household and industrial cleaning products, laboratory and chemical solutions, detergents, bleaches, car-care shampoos and polishes, garden treatment sprays, bath and beauty products. HDPE plastic is food grade approved and so provides a cost effective packaging alternative to your usual glass container. And because all our products are new, direct from some of the UK’s biggest plastics manufacturers you can rest assured your container will be free from contamination.

A large range of plastic screw top closures to suit.

From a simple screw top cap to a range of pumps and spray closures, you’re sure to find the right plastic bottle together with the right closure for your business. Whether you need a new range of plastic bottle to launch your latest car cleaning solutions. See our plastic trigger bottles) or maybe you run a childcare centre and are just looking to purchase a couple of bottles to store your child-friendly paints or glitters, visit the 15ml – 250ml HDPE plastic bottle range, many come with the option of a spout cap, perfect for reducing mess and wastage. If you’re in the health drink, detox business, there’s even a range of HDPE plastic smoothie bottles at Ampulla too, perfect if you’re looking to branch out into the food industry, you’ll find we offer larger discounts on bulk purchases.

You’ll find the right plastic bottle here.

For quick reference use the links below for product quantities and price breakdowns.

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Plastic HDPE Bottles 150ml – 200ml

Plastic HDPE Bottles 250ml – 500ml

Plastic HDPE Bottles 750ml – 1L

Soap/Lotion Dispenser Bottles

Atomiser Spray Bottles