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Glass juice bottles for tight budgets

Budget glass juice bottles

Of all the packaging we stock here at Ampulla, juice bottles are among our most popular products. People seem to really love their juice drinks – whether it’s fruit juices, vegetable smoothies, still lemonades, energy drinks or detox blends – you can’t beat a fresh, tasty drink full of nutritious goodness. However, from a business perspective, there’s much more to it than creating a tasty drink. Finding suitable packaging within your budget can be a problem, but luckily we’re here to help!


Supplier of glass juice bottlesWe have just added two new bottles to our range, with our cost conscious customers in mind – they’re our cheapest glass juice bottles yet. On top of that, the more you order, the cheaper the bottles become per unit. Available in 250ml and 290ml capacity, each bottle has a unique design and is made from quality glass, with a light gold metal twist off lid. The lids are rubber lined, to create an airtight seal, which will keep drinks fresh.


The wide 38mm neck of our new bottles makes it easy to fill and dispense thick juice blends from, but that’s not all. These bottles aren’t just limited to drinks, you can also use them for cooking sauces, marinades, dressings, herbs and spices. Alternatively, these versatile glass juice bottles would come in handy for sweets, bath salts, table centrepieces or wedding favours.


If you’re not already in the drinks business, or you’d like to start making some of your own drinks (or dressings), below are a couple of recipes to get you started.


Smoothie recipes and glass juice bottlesEnergising smoothie

Ingredients: 400g of strawberries, 400g of baby spinach, teaspoon of chia seeds, teaspoon of honey, cup of green tea.

Directions: blend all of the ingredients in a blender until smooth then pour into our 250ml glass juice bottle.


Thick blue cheese dressing

Ingredients: 75ml of milk, 250g of mayonnaise, 150g of Greek yoghurt, 100g of crumbled Gorgonzola cheese, teaspoon of mustard, teaspoon of garlic powder, teaspoon of salt, pinch of pepper.

Directions: mix all of the ingredients in a bowl then put into our 290ml glass bottle.


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