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Glass Jars and summer fun

Summer jar ideas

Living in Manchester the sun rarely makes an appearance, but when it does, spirits are lifted, staff wander round the offices with large smiley faces and minds wander to lazy days sat in the garden, soaking up the sun.
Picture the scene, relaxing whilst sitting on your favourite sun chair, book in hand, the radio quietly playing in the background, a nicely chilled beer/ sparkling water or fruit juice by your side and the children playing happily together on the grass. (Ok the later sentence might not be right) but bear with me.
With all this talk of sunshine it’s got me thinking of how many summer inspired ways our customers can use our glass jars. Yep! When you work in packaging, you really do have these thoughts. And so, to my ideas.

Salad in a jar
Salad jar
For picnics and offices lunches this is the perfect way to eat a little more healthier and it’s so quick and easy to do, simply choose your favourite foods, just about anything goes, greens, vegetables, fruits and nuts, don’t forget the cooked chicken or ham. I would avoid chopped tomatoes, strawberries, and onions, fish and cheese are probably best avoided too. Oh, and tear the lettuce (Don’t cut it or the edges will go brown)
Once the decision of foods has been made the rest if easy. Just layer the foods of your choice and you’re good to go.

Desserts in a jar

desserts in jar

Be the talk of the neighbours BBQ and arrive with pre-prepared desserts in a jar.  A novel but useful way to keep your desserts fresh whilst looking utterly yummy. And because all our jars come complete with twist off lids. You can prepare these in the morning, giving you all afternoon to pamper yourself, ready for the big entrance. For those organising the BBQ why not outdo, Mrs Jones at number 9 with your tomato sauce and burger relishes gracefully displayed in one of our Le Parfait jars.

And lastly

Drinks in a jar…

drinks in jar

Well you couldn’t have your BBQ without a few liquid refreshments, now could you?