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Customer Reviews Help Us To Help You!

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One of the best things about the Internet and social media for businesses such as Ampulla, is that we can easily get feedback from our customers and respond to any issues or complaints that occur very quickly, compared to email and phone calls. Being easily contactable via Facebook, Twitter and Trustpilot makes it easier for you to speak to our team directly and get a quick answer, as well as giving us a great idea of the areas of our service that we can improve upon!

We know how important the quality of Ampulla’s service is for your business, as it means that you can accurately plan ahead to account for your on stock levels and customer demand. This is why we focus on gaining customer feedback in two areas: the quality of our products and the quality of our service, so that we can constantly update our service to meet the needs of your business.

Product Feedback

We love seeing what our customers are doing with the packaging that they buy from us, which is why we recently asked you to send us your photos of products that you have created and branded using our packaging, with just some of the outstanding results seen below. Check out the extensive list of customer photos and their individual stories by clicking here to get inspired!

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All of our customers are perfectly free to go onto our social media pages and send us their product feedback and photos, which we are very happy to share with our followers to promote their business or product. It’s our small way of thanking you for your custom with us, whilst also giving us a shameless opportunity to show off our awesome products at the same time!

Service Feedback

We also love to hear feedback about our service to see exactly what we are doing right and what we can be doing better to meet the needs of our customers, in terms of delivery, customer service and product availability. This is why we’ve taken the bold step of asking each and every one of our customers to leave us feedback on our Trustpilot page for the whole world to see- whether it’s good or bad! We’ve been amazed by some of the responses so far, with many glowing customer reviews and it’s been especially great hearing from long-standing, repeat customers, as well as brand new ones. Take a quick browse through our 20 latest reviews below, or read through all of them by visiting our Trustpilot page.

Thanks to the hundreds of customers who have left us a review so far, we are very happy to be ranked as ‘Great’!

What Do We Do With Our Customer Reviews?

If you’re worried that your feedback won’t be listened to, no fear – we’ve already started to implement some of the suggestions in the customer reviews we’ve received! Whether you contact us via social media or through a Trustpilot review, we try our best to address every single one of your complaints, suggestions and praise! Check out what we’ve already done in response to our feedback below…

What You Told Us: “Very good but lead time needs improvement.”

What We’ve Done About It: We have recently built a brand new warehouse, so we can hold more stock at one time. This means that our lead time is now reduced to 2-5 working days, with next day delivery thereafter!

What You Told Us: “They’re a great company, I just wish they did more discount coupons for regular customers.” 

What We’ve Done About It: Sign up to our mailing list by clicking here and you will receive exclusive discount codes that aren’t available for one-time customers!

Used our service recently and fancy leaving us a review? Just head over to our Trustpilot page and let us know your thoughts – you don’t even have to create an account!