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Cosmetic Containers

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When it comes to the cosmetic industry, getting the right look is paramount, whether you are a manufacturer of cosmetics on a large scale or just branching out as a new business, here at Ampulla we’ll have the right container for you.  For foundation creams and concealers, look no further we have the perfect bottle, available from just 30ml “the average size on the market for foundation creams”. Complete with pump applicator, perfect for the controlled and accurate dispensing, there’s protective cap also included, added protection of your product during transportation. Easily filled too, replace the lid and you’re good to go!

Our cosmetic container range doesn’t end there. In addition to our 30ml HDPE Bottle, we also provide a range of other suitable Plastic bottles, Jars and tubes! So whether its under eye gels, eye shadows, lip gloss, balms or dare I say wrinkle creams, it can all be packaged with containers offered by Ampulla, easily and quickly. All our cosmetic containers offer quality as standard reassurance for both you and your customers.

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