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Clearance stock – Hidden packaging gems.

packaging gems

Hidden beauties found within our clearance lines.

Amphorea Packaging is a sister company to Ampulla, dealing in trade and bulk quantities, to many different trades and industries and often specialising in a specific product, look or colour. And…Its because of this, certain products are subject to large minimum order quantities. This is why, every now and then Ampulla are able to offer certain lines at clearance prices, and sometimes within those clearance lines are little packaging gems. There’s no minimum order quantities required by Ampulla and because of this Ampulla customers are given the chance to purchase industry tried and tested packaging at low prices. Within this month’s clearance stock you’ll find….

25 Litre Stackable food grade container and pump.
25L Blue UN certified stackable container, suitable for the storage and transportation of both food and non-food solutions, complete with pump. Pump is suitable for pumping acid, alkaline and chlorine based cleaning chemical liquids, oils and lubricants. It can also used for pumping many crop chemicals including those that may container mild solvents. In addition the pump can pump food products as the materials are all food grade approved.

25 Litre white Stackable container with Anti-Glug insert.
This 25 litre UN certified, food grade container comes complete with tamper evident Anti-Glug insert cap. New on the market, this cap is a revolutionary device that sits discreetly and securely in the neck of the bottle (Insertion is done when the cap is screwed onto the bottle). Gone is the glug motion which can cause uneven and messy pouring. Only to be replaced with a smoother, cleaner pour! The result being more cost effective decanting as there’s less spillage and a reduction in wastage.

500ml and 1000ml Black HDPE plastic bottles.
Only a limited number of each remaining. Perfect if the look you are after for your product is dynamic… Made from quality black HDPE, a tough and robust plastic, perfect for a range of products. Including food Ideal for some of our hot chilli sauce customers out there! There’s even the option of a red cap, just to finish the look.

125ml Squeezy LDPE opaque plastic bottle complete with red spout cap.
The summer holidays are upon us!! Sorry, and yes I am sure that those of you out there who have the joys of six whole weeks with your little bundles of excitable energy, will be well aware, after all, here in Manchester we are nearly two whole weeks in (Come on, I’m sure it isn’t just me marking the days off, till the return of school). If like my little ones, yours too are interested in everything crafty. This small LDPE squeezy bottle is perfect, comes complete with spout top and is an easy way to reduce mess and spills. Whether filled with glue, paints, glitters or cooking products (Icing or food colourings). This bottle is small enough for little hands yet large enough to keep your monsters entertained. The spout cap can be easily trimmed with scissors to produce an opening large or small depending on the product within. The possibilities of this bottle don’t end within the craft world, this bottle has a range of other uses too… From hair dyes and beauty products to gardening and DIY products.

Plastic buckets with coloured lids.
Occasionally at Ampulla we do get asked if our buckets come with any other coloured lid than white, well for the time being the answer is yes, several of our buckets do now come with a different lid colour. Perfect if you need a colour to match your company branding or if you just want the product within to be immediately recognised. From purple to green, you’re sure to find the right plastic bucket, with the right coloured lid for you.

plastic buckets with coloured lids

3 Litre Tinplate Pressure Pail.
3 litre capacity tinplate pail, comes complete with lever lid and easy grip metal handle. A robust tin, fit for the demanding purpose for which they are bought, commonly used throughout the paint, solvent and resin industry. Designed to meet tough demands our cans are supremely reliable and all exposed tinplate comes with a golden lacquer to prevent surface rust from forming. Hurry though, these are in stock for just a limited time only.