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Our cheapest jam jars ever!

Cheapest glass jam jars UK












Here at Ampulla we have jam jars covered. Our extensive range of glass preserve jars includes all styles, shapes and sizes – from our mini jam jars, to our unique octagonal, hexagonal and square jars; slim chutney jars; traditional Bonne Maman jars and our trusty Le Parfait jars, right up to our extra large half gallon pickle jar. You’d think that surely we couldn’t find room to sell any more jars than the ones we’ve already got? Well, we’ve gone and done it again. That’s right, we’ve just added two new glass preserve jars to our range and (here’s the good news), they’re our cheapest jam jars yet!


Budget glass jam jars UKYou can rest assured, however, that the only thing that’s cheap about our new 190ml and 370ml glass jars is their prices. They’re manufactured from high quality glass, just like our other jars and they look far from cheap. Plus, you can choose from our compatible rubber lined coloured metal twist off lids to fit the jars, which will seal in freshness and give a professional finish. Being manufactured from glass, the jars are nonporous, so they are completely safe for food use and they are recyclable too.


Our new jars are, of course, suitable for kitchen staples, such as: jam, marmalade, honey, lemon curd, chutney, relish, mayonnaise, pasta sauce, curry paste and more. They can also be used for the likes of nuts, olives, herbs and spices and confectionery, as well as non-food items, including candles, bath salts, table decorations, wedding favours or whatever you fancy. With no minimum order quantity (yes, you can order as little as one single jar), our cheapest jam jars are great for home jam making, one off events and craft projects too.


Our cheapest jam jars – the prices

Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for – the prices. Take a look below to see exactly how cheap our new jars are!

Prices include VAT but exclude delivery.


190ml Clear Glass Jar & 53mm Gold Twist Off Lid

  • 23p per single unit.
  • 19p per unit when ordering 100 jars.
  • 17p per unit when ordering 990 jars.
  • 16p per unit when ordering 3,969 jars.


370ml Clear Glass Jar & 63mm Gold Twist Off Lid

  • 30p per single unit.
  • 26p per unit when ordering 100 jars.
  • 22p per unit when ordering 1,140 jars.
  • 21p per unit when ordering 4,560 jars.


Cheapest jam jars UK