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Catering Supplies! Disposable food containers in stock

With summer in mind and in keeping with the current warm spell we’re all experiencing at the moment. Ampulla has joined forces with a local wholesale catering supplier and put together a range of popular catering products and food containers, we think might benefit several of our catering, restaurant, café and fast food outlet customers.
All products within this range are fully recyclable, quality made and fully disposable items, aimed to provide quality, value containers without the expense!
Sandwich, Baguette and Tortilla Packaging.
A value range, featuring sandwich wedges, 9″ baguette container, tortilla display container, all have hinged, self-locating lids, resulting in a quick and positive closure, ideal where speed is of the essence in the busy lunchtime rush and freshness is paramount. Made from clear, lightweight plastic not only enhances the look but also ensures your culinary sandwiches stay as fresh as the moment in which they were made.
Fruit & Salad Punnets.
For wholesale fruit suppliers, our clear plastic, lightweight boxed containers, complete with attached hinged lids are ideal, perfect for the display and protection of fragile fruits and salads, leak resistant and airtight lids, all help to keep your fresh food goods fresher for longer. Available in a range of sizes from 250cc up to the larger 1000cc. Perfect for this years expected earlier strawberry season!
Plastic Party Platters.
Gloss black bases with crystal clear lids. Oozing appeal! A sure to enhance and protect your buffet creations during transit and whilst in situ. Available in a range of sizes and suitable for a range of produce, sandwiches, meats, cakes, salads etc where presentation is key! If your business is hospitality events, party organising or catering supplies then our party platters are a must.
Microwaveable Food Pots.
Fast food and deli pots renowned for their quality and value, these pots really are a must, should you deal in fast food, take away foods, or hot potatoes. Equally at home with rice, pasta or salad dishes. Lids easily click into place, forming a leak resistant seal. Guaranteeing your product, stays fresh and protected, reassurance for both you and your customers.
Novelty Plastic Lunch Pots!
What child could resist these adorable animal shaped plastic lunch pots. Our novelty pots come in 3 animal shapes, my favourite being the elephant! The perfect container for little appetites will easily hold a small juice, sandwich and sweet snack. Once the lid has been removed the base creates a bowl like container, perfect for mixed fruits, if you’re trying to encourage your little ones to eat more healthily. Lids click into place creating a firm seal, ensuring your meal stays fresh, perfect if you like to pre-prepare your meals. The perfect container for kid’s parties and party meals. Brilliant for promotional ideas too!