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Deals On Plastic E-Liquid Bottles

plastic e-liquid bottles
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The rise of the use of e-cigarettes (or vaping) has been astronomical in recent years, thanks to its reputation as a healthier alternative to regular tobacco smoking. But cigarettes need e-liquid and that’s where savvy retailers come in! Now is the time to cash in on this trend and, luckily for you, we’ve got great plastic e-liquid bottles for you to take your signature scent to the masses in style!

We have 4 different plastic e-liquid bottles that range in sizes from 5ml up to 15ml, with a choice of white, natural or clear colours. The opaque bottles are made from LDPE (low density polyethylene) which is squeezable to makes dispensing e-liquids quick and easy, whilst our clear bottle is made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate), which offers the same properties but also allows customers to see a fill line and the colour of the e-liquid within.

Our smallest bottle is the 5ml Natural LDPE Dropper Bottle, which is ideal for offering out samples of your e-liquid flavours to new customers. The bottle comes complete with a 14mm Screw Cap, as well as having a dropper funnel insert which is the perfect size for filling an e-cigarette chamber. These bottles are priced at 31p each, but if you buy in larger bulk quantities they can be yours for as little as 19p per unit! The next size up is our 10ml Natural LDPE Dropper Bottle, which is exactly the same as the 5ml version, just double the size! However it isn’t double the cost, with prices starting at 30p per bottle but going down as low as 17p per unit when you buy in bulk.

plastic e-liquid bottles

If you want a transparent bottle, then our 10ml Clear PET Dropper Bottle is what you need! This is the perfect option if you have a particularly brightly coloured e-liquid that you want to catch your customers’ eyes with. It’s slightly taller than its LDPE counterpart, but still has a dropper insert and compatible screw cap to complete the look and lock in the freshness of your e-liquids. Prices start at 31p per unit and go as low as 18p per unit when you buy in larger quantities. Finally, the largest of our plastic e-liquid bottles is the 15ml White LDPE Dropper Bottle, which is completely opaque to give you plenty of different design options when creating your labels and avoiding colour clashes with the e-liquid within. The compatible screw cap is tamper-evident (as are all the other caps mentioned in this post), which gives your customers peace of mind about the quality and safeness of the product. These bottles cost 31p per unit, going down to as little as 16p per unit when bought in bulk.

So what are you waiting for? Mix up your own e-liquids to make at home and save money, or stock up on packaging for your range of e-liquids to sell in-store or online!

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