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The Many Wonderful Uses Of Glass Jars!

Think that jars are only for selling food in? Think again! The humble jar is a versatile object that, when you use your imagination, can be transformed into many wonderful things and have many fantastic uses! From presenting your food in unusual ways, to creating stunning household display items, we’ve got some great ideas on how you can use your empty glass jars in an eco-friendly way that you can enjoy.

Layered Salads

Let’s start with a twist on the traditional use of jars: food storage. Why not use your empty glass jars to store your lunches for work by creating delicious-looking, colourful, layered salad pots? They’re so simple to make, easy to store in your fridge and let’s face it, they just look great! As well as layered salads, why not make a impression at dinner parties by serving up your posh puddings in mason jars? They’re perfect for soft, layered desserts that are eaten with a spoon such as Eton Mess, chocolate mousse, jelly and tiramisu, just to name a few.

Or if you’re more of a traditionalist, you can always simply use glass jars to store all your homemade jams and preserves. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of yummy preserve recipes that you can try out at home!

Jazz Up Your Jam!

Mini Terrariums

With just a little soil, a little water, a little sunlight and a little love, you can create your own miniature garden! Whether you’re a keen gardener who doesn’t have the outdoor space or someone who wants to grow their own herbs in your kitchen, glass jars are a great place to start. If you grow small plants in your glass jars, they make fantastic display items for your mantelpieces and windowsills. If you use them to grow herbs such as basil, parsley and thyme in, then you’ll have plenty of fresh produce right on hand to use in your recipes (and you’ll save some money on your shopping bill)!

Find a handy tutorial on how to make a mini terrarium at

Extra Storage

Putting food aside, a glass jar is an ideal storage solution for small items such as buttons, pins and paperclips, even batteries! Instead of having a traditional ‘man drawer’, full of odd bits and bobs, why not get organised and separate these items out into handy jars? They would be on display so you’d never have to root around a drawer and wonder where anything is ever again! We’re thinking sewing kits, jewellery and any other tricky little objects.

Candle Jars

Glass jars are the ideal vessel for displaying simple tea lights and posh candles to brighten up your living space. There’s nothing better than having some candles burning while you’re snuggled up on the sofa in autumn/winter time! You could even just grab some fairy lights instead of a candle, place the lights in your glass jar, close the lid (leaving the plug hanging out obviously) then turn on the switch. You’ll have a shining ball of light that isn’t a fire hazard! Our range of Le Parfait Jars are absolutely ideal for this and, with no minimum order, you can get as many or as little as you want!

Glass is a durable material that can be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting and can be reused time and time again! You could also use a stylish votive if a glass jar with a lid isn’t doing it for you.

Packaging Gifts And Favours

Looking for unique party or wedding favour? Give a personalised memento that your guests can treasure for a long time to come by filling a glass jar with little trinkets from the day. These could include table name cards, confetti, cufflinks, earrings and a photo-booth strip from the event. Get creative!

Feeling romantic? A great little gift idea for Christmas, birthdays and Valentine’s Day is to fill a jar full of post-it notes which each give a reason why you love the other person. They can take one note from the jar a day and, if you can get imaginative, you can keep this going for a full year!

Finally, you could use your glass jars for what they were originally designed for: jams and preserves. If you’ve made your own homemade jam, marmalade, chutney or relish, you can turn them into sweet little gifts for friends and family to enjoy. Just add a lovely personalised label and tie a fancy ribbon around the jar and voilà!

Liked our ideas on how to use your glass jars? Then we think you’ll also like our guide to glass candle jars (and how to make your own candles at home)!

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Wholesale Glass Jars For Businesses On A Budget

wholesale glass jars

We think we’ve got the best wholesale glass jars anywhere on the web, especially when it comes to price. Best of all, the more you order, the better the price we can offer you!

You can browse the whole Budget Glass Jar range by clicking here, but for now here are a few of our favourites from the collection.

The cheapest jar in our Budget Jar range is the new 150ml Clear Glass Jar. Unlike our other offerings, this jar doesn’t come with a lid but is compatible with 53mm twist off closures if you wish to buy those separately. One unit costs 18p, however if you buy these jars in bulk you can get them for as little as 10p per unit! A great choice for small businesses that are just starting out.

wholesale glass jars

The 370ml Clear Glass Jar is low in price but not in quality! This jar comes with a red gingham patterned twist off lid which will give a rustic, homely feel to your products, but is also available with gold, silver, white and black lids – or with no lid at all. Each lid is rubber lined to preserve the freshness of your product, making this jar ideal for storing jams and other preserves. Prices start from 36p for one unit, but can go down to as low as 24p per unit when you buy in bulk!

wholesale glass jars

If you’re looking for a taller, slimmer jar for your creations, then look no further than the 370ml Clear Glass Chutney Jar. This particular jar comes with a stunning twist off lid that is patterned with an intricate chutney design, featuring flowers and vegetables. What better jar to package your homemade chutneys in? Again, this jar is also available with other lid designs including black, gold, red, silver, blue gingham and fruity designs, with each lid rubber-lined for maximum product freshness. Get one unit for 38p or buy more for fantastic prices of just 26p per unit!

wholesale glass jars

Finally, one of the largest jars in our Budget Jar range is the 720ml Clear Glass Jar. Being a larger size, we think that this jar is perfect for pickled eggs/onions, beetroots, pasta sauces, mayonnaises and more. One unit is just 63p, but if you buying bulk you can get them for as little as 43p per unit!

wholesale glass jars

This is just a small selection of the budget jars available and you can browse the full range of wholesale glass jars by clicking here.

Looking for our best value bottles instead of jars? Check out our guide to what bottle is right for your product here.

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Glass dessert jars for summer sweets

Dessert jars for sweets

Glass dessert jars for summer sweets

Summer is a time for people to enjoy themselves and what better way to do so than to sit in the sunshine while tucking into a tasty dessert? From cooling ice creams and sorbets to seasonal fruity crumbles, sumptuous syllabubs or light chocolate mousses, you can’t beat a tasty summer treat. And of course, every tasty pudding needs a trendy glass dessert jar to be eaten from.

Cheesecake in dessert jarYou may be wondering why glass tends to be the material of choice for dessert jars. Glass jars have many benefits. They are completely safe for food, as they don’t leach any chemicals, unlike some plastic containers. This means you can wash and re-use glass jars over and over again, without compromising on their quality. This makes them handy for restaurants and cafes, as well as home use. You can even use the jars to store jam if you become bored with making desserts.

As well as being a safe material for dessert jars, glass can be made into different shaped jars, to help make desserts more visually appealing. Our glass dessert jars come in a wide range of designs, such as traditional faceted or hinged lid jars, wide neck squat jars, ornate hexagonal jars, premium heavy based jars and contemporary square shaped jars. To help you decide which jars is perfect for your pud, we’ve come up with a handy guide.


The best glass dessert jars

Creme brulee in glass jarTraditional – Bonne Maman jar

The perfect match for: traditional desserts such as jelly and ice cream or chocolate mousse.

About the jar: a traditional French glass jam jar, the 324ml Bonne Maman jar has faceted walls and a wide neck, suitable for many different desserts. It comes with a large choice of coloured metal twist off lids.

Wide neck – Verrine jars

The perfect match for: cheesecakes and crème brûlées.

About the jars: short, wide neck clear glass jars available in 120ml, 190ml and 262ml sizes. Choose from a range of twist off lids to keep pre-prepared desserts fresh.

Ornate – Hexagonal jars

The perfect match for: summer puddings or layered syllabubs.

About the jars: available in miniature 45ml, up to 280ml size, with a choice of twist off lids. These six sided glass jars are perfect for adding another dimension to desserts.

Heavy base – Votive jars

The perfect match for: rich fruit and cream or Eton mess.

Glass dessert jarsAbout the jars: traditionally used for candles, glass votives are also perfect for desserts. These thick, heavy base wide mouth glasses are great for serving visually appealing sweets.

Hinged lid – Le Parfait jars

The perfect match for: trifles and tiramisus.

About the jars: high quality Le Parfait preserving jars come with a hinged lid, which has a rubber seal. These premium glass jars are ideal for large sharing desserts or perfectly presented puddings.

Contemporary – Square jars

The perfect match for: bread puddings or fruit crumbles.

About the jars: square jars will give your desserts the edge. They are ideal for standing in a row, such as with dessert trios. Our square jars are available in 100ml, 130ml, 200ml, 8oz (227ml approx.), 282ml and 380ml sizes, with a choice of twist off lids.