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Guide To Sustainable Packaging Materials 2020

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It’s a fact: from food to face masks, pretty much all physical products need some kind of packaging. Whether it’s purely for postage purposes, or because your product needs protection, packaging is hugely important in the retail sector. Packaging is important for a whole host of reasons – from increasing awareness of your brand to product recognition to ensuring safe delivery of your goods. But as concern about climate change gains traction, so do worries about packaging – from the type of materials to the amount of packaging in circulation. But there are plenty of comparatively sustainable packaging materials out there that can improve your business’s eco-friendly credentials.

As the UK’s leading packaging supplier, we know a thing or two about sustainable packaging materials. Here’s our guide to keep you up to date with the latest trends and types of eco-friendly packaging materials you can use in your business.

Sustainable Packaging Materials – What’s Best?

Glass Packaging

Glass is typically considered the most eco friendly material out there. As well as being fully recyclable, it’s made from abundant natural materials such as sand. This means it doesn’t use up our precious natural resources in production. Consumers love glass, too, because it has a premium look and feel that’s difficult to replicate with other materials.

But while there are lots of benefits to glass, it can be less sustainable than other packaging materials when it comes to despatching and transporting your goods. Glass is typically heavier than other packaging materials, so it costs more to send. This also means you can send fewer units in one journey – and more journeys mean a higher carbon footprint.

Eco-Friendly Plastic Packaging

Plastic has a pretty bad reputation as a sustainable packaging material, but if you use the right kind of plastic, it can be a great choice for a whole host of products. Eco-friendly plastics like recycled PET or post-consumer recycled HDPE offer all the benefits of regular plastic, but are made from products that have already been used and recycled. That means we use fewer virgin plastics, which has a great environmental impact.

Both PET and HDPE plastic are strong and shatterproof, so you can transport your goods without risking breakages. PET in particular is a great alternative to glass packaging, as it’s totally transparent and has a premium finish. Both plastic types are also lightweight, so you can transport more items in a single shipment. This will help you reduce your carbon footprint. Best of all, both rPET and PCR HDPE are fully recyclable time after time!

Aluminium Packaging

Shiny aluminium offers a totally different look to both glass and plastic – and it’s a great eco-friendly packaging material. Aluminium retains its quality and integrity no matter how many times it’s been recycled. This makes it a great option for high-end products that look great in shiny aluminium jars or bottles.

Like plastic, aluminium is lighter than glass, so it offers cheaper, more eco-friendly despatch processes. However, also like plastic, the processes involved in creating aluminium from scratch can be harmful to the environment. It’s important to be mindful of where your packaging materials come from before you buy.

Which Is The Best Option For My Product Or Brand?

At Ampulla, we offer all three of these eco-friendly packaging materials in a huge range of forms so you can pick the option that works best for you. We’ve got years of experience in the packaging industry, so when it comes to choosing your perfect sustainable packaging, we’d recommend taking a few things into consideration.

First, your brand aesthetic. It’s important to ensure your packaging matches your brand look, whether that’s sleek and minimalist or bright and colourful. Our recycled PET bottles are available in a range of colours as well as classic clear, so shop our range here. For vintage or retro style brands, glass may be the best fit.

Affordability is also key. It’s not just about the price per packaging unit – you should also take despatch costs into account. Glass is heavier than aluminium and plastic, so it’s more expensive to post.

Other things to consider include ease of labelling, opacity of your bottle or jar, the type of dispenser cap you want to use and whether your product needs additional protection from light or air. No matter what you need from your sustainable packaging materials, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our extensive eco-friendly range.

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Benefits Of Aluminium Packaging

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Whilst glass and plastic are great materials for packaging due to their mass usage, recyclable properties and ease of purchasing, it seems that aluminium packaging tends to get overlooked. So why should you pick aluminium as your packaging material?

Why Pick Aluminium?

The benefits of using aluminium packaging are many and varied, with one obvious plus point being that it gives off a sleek, professional and attractive look, with the sheen bouncing off the metal exterior. This makes aluminium the ideal packaging material for luxury cosmetic brands, as well as glossy haircare products. As well as being visually appealing, aluminium is lightweight and 100% recyclable! Aluminium can be recycled into a brand new aluminium product within 60 days of being put into the recycling system, which theoretically can be repeated up to 6 times a year. This saves enough energy to make 160 new aluminium cans!

Aluminium also acts as an excellent defence against contamination from bacteria and other micro-organisms, as it has an impermeable surface that keeps out air, light and liquid. This makes aluminium packaging absolutely perfect for food and pharmaceutical products, where the integrity of the product is very important!

Our Best Deals On Aluminium Packaging

We have a wide range of aluminium bottles and jars to suit every need. Whether you need aluminium tubs and jars for cosmetics or bottles to dispense your lotions and cleaning products from, we’ve got the right item for you. Our aluminium bottles are lined with epoxy/phenol formaldehyde (EPA resin) to makes sure that the contents of the bottle do not come into contact with the aluminium directly, which can affect the taste or integrity of your product. The beauty with our bottles is that they are compatible with a massive array of different closures, including screw top caps, lotion pumps, trigger sprays and atomiser sprays, meaning that they are suitable for a huge variety of products, from deodorant to hand wash! Our aluminium bottles come in sizes ranging from 50ml up to 1 litre, all of which come with multiple cap options (or no cap at all!) Take a look at a few of our favourites…

Our 50ml Aluminium Bottle is the smallest aluminium bottle we currently stock, which comes without a cap included. We think that it’s perfect for travel-sized deodorants or small quantities of bath and body products. This bottle is only 73p per unit, a price which can be discounted further to around 47p per unit when you buy in bulk quantities! If you’re thinking of launching or re-packaging a range of hand creams or foundation, the 150ml Aluminium Bottle with Lotion Pump is just what you need. The lotion pump has a standard length (170mm) dip tube which can be easily trimmed down to size, making it easy to dispense the contents. The bottle and the lotion pump together costs just £1.63, with prices going down to around £1.06 when you buy in bulk. Finally, we have our largest sized bottle, the 1 Litre Aluminium Bottle with Trigger Spray. Once again, the trigger spray cap has a dip tube that can be trimmed to your preferred size, to apply a mist application. This makes this bundle an ideal packaging option for hair sprays, cleaning products and much more! The bottle and trigger spray together costs £4.97, going down to around £3.23 when bought in bulk quantities.

See the full aluminium bottle collection by clicking here.

Our aluminium jars all come complete with a matching screw top lid, which feature an EPE liner to lock in your products’ freshness, prevent leakage and prevent contamination from outside sources. Our jars are suitable for a massive amount of different products, including: cosmetics, hair wax, car polish, boot polish, candles and so much more! These jars come in 4 different sizes: 15ml, 30ml, 75ml and 150ml.

First up, our smallest jar, the 15ml Aluminium Jar and 39mm Screw Cap. Its tiny size means that it would be ideal for packaging your lip balms or boot polish, fitting neatly inside a pocket or handbag! This jar costs 52p per unit, going down to around 34p per unit when you buy in larger quantities. Our largest jar, the 150ml Aluminium Jar and 84mm Screw Cap, is perfect for packaging products that are used more frequently and applied more liberally, such as furniture polish, face cream and even candles!  Get your today for only £1.78, down to £1.1 when you buy in bulk.

See the full aluminium jar collection by clicking here.

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