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Get ready for festival season

Containers for camping and more

Now that we’re part way through May, it won’t be long until summer is here and the festival season is upon us. People up and down the country will be enjoying music events, food and drink festivals, fun runs, camping, parties, barbeques and more. If you’re in the business of putting on such events over the summer, this time of year can be pretty stressful, but if you’re attending an event, you’ll be looking forward to having a great time with friends.

Plastic jerrycans for water storage


Whichever category you fall into, you’ll want to go prepared to either have a good time or make sure that the people attending your event have a good time. To help you do this, we have some containers that we think could come in pretty useful for storing and dispensing water, beer, cider, juice, cooking oil or other bulk food, drink, fuel or even antiseptic solutions and cleaning products. So, with those things covered, you’ve got one less thing to worry about.


Whether it’s a jerrycan you need, for filling water from a campsite tap; a stackable container to fill with your favourite tipple (that could also double up as a festival seat) or a large drum, to store beer at a drinks festival, we have a range of robust, industrial standard containers to choose from that will do the job.


Useful containers for outdoor events

2.5 Litre Natural Plastic Jerrycan

Jerrycan and stackable containerA semi-transparent container, allowing the fill level of the liquid to be seen. Made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, with an integrated handle, making it easy to carry. Has a wide 38mm neck and comes with a screw cap, including a tamper evident seal for the initial prevention of contamination. Food grade approved.


10 Litre Natural Stackable Container

Easily stackable, this container can help to save on storage space. It includes a moulded carrying handle for easy transportation. Comes with a tamper evident screw cap and has a 51mm neck size. Food grade approved and UN certified for hazardous chemicals.


25 Litre Natural Stackable Container

Stackable container and drumIdeal for the bulk storage of liquids at large-scale events, such as fairs and festivals. A strong, rigid stackable container, with a large 61mm neck and tamper evident black screw cap. Food grade and UN approved for hazardous chemicals. Has a moulded carrying handle. Also, see our reduced to clear 25 Litre Stackable here.


60 Litre Blue Tighthead Drum

A large, heavy duty blue HDPE plastic drum with white bung closure. Can be used with a bung tap dispenser, to make dispensing liquids easier. UN certified for hazardous chemicals and food grade approved. Has two handles to aid with carrying.