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Buckets, bottles and homebrewing

home brewing

Plastic buckets and bottles perfect for the home brewers out there.

With the cost of drinking out these days, and the added problem of trying to find a local pub. More and more of us are opting for a cheaper alternatives. Which is why the home brewing industry is making a comeback…. It’s cheap but standards have risen and not just that.. Anyone (Age allowing) can make quaffable beers, wines and spirits. Whilst we can’t supply the beer and wine kits, we can certainly help when it comes to finding the right containers, to help during the brewing process. Our 6 Gallon Fermentation Bucket has many advantages to the homebrewer: a nearly unbreakable container, lighter alternative to the glass carboys out there, the opaque plastic allows product level to be easily seen, there’s a handy measuring scale on the side too!

And so after the brewing time is up, you’ll need to start bottling your creations, we can help here to, Ampulla stock a range of both plastic and Glass beer bottles, to complete the brewing process, after 6 weeks of hard work, it’s now time to grab a few friends because the overall proof will be in the testing!!