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Brighten up your BBQ food this summer

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As the mornings gradually start to become darker, it’s a sure sign that summer will soon be coming to an end and then it will be too cold, wet and windy for barbeques and al fresco dining. We only have four weeks left until it’s officially autumn, so it’s time to make the most of the remaining weeks of summer while we still can.

glass jar of relish


At Ampulla we have a huge range of glass and plastic food and drink packaging, which can be used for homemade relishes, salad dressings and sauces as well as speciality cordials, spirits and cocktails. So add another dimension to your otherwise standard barbeque fare with some mouth-watering accompaniments, served in some tasty looking bottles and jars, which can be kept and re-used long after summer has bitten the dust.


No barbeque would be complete without a selection of homemade relishes, chutneys and sauces to compliment succulent burgers and hotdogs. Whether it’s hot chili sauce, fresh tomato relish or apple and onion chutney that tickles your taste buds, our plastic sauce and dressing bottles and glass chutney jars are perfect for storing and serving it in.


Salad dressing bottleSalads make a great side dish for meat and fish, but also provide guests with a healthy or vegetarian option. You can easily make your own salad dressings and infused oils and give them a professional look by serving them in our glass sauce and dressing bottles. To make a heart healthy avocado dressing, just mix lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, avocado flesh and a few drops of Tabasco sauce in a food blender.


You can’t do without some fresh fruit juices, lemonades or cocktails to wash down all that tasty food with. Our plastic juice bottles, glass water and drinks bottles and swing top bottles are perfect for bottling your favourite tipple or homemade cocktails. How about a daiquiri made with seasonal raspberries, or fresh blackcurrant cordial for the kids? Whichever you choose, don’t delay or it’ll be autumn before you know it!


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