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Get 7.5% OFF EVERYTHING In Our Black Friday Sale!

Don’t miss out on our upcoming Black Friday sale, where we are offering 7.5% off across our entire website! Just enter the code QNISN5052 at the checkout to claim your discount. This code will be valid on Friday 23rd November ONLY, so make sure to make the most of those 24 hours to! It’s a great opportunity to get all the packaging that your business needs in time for the New Year.

Take a look at some of our favourite items from our glass, plastic and aluminium ranges that you can save money on.

You can save on singular or smaller orders…

Need a few more jars or bottles tide you over the Christmas period? Our flexible ordering means that you can order the exact number of items that you need, rather than buy in bulk and end up with extra items that you don’t need. You can even order one unit of each item you need if you so wish.

small orders

As well as buying in singular or smaller quantities, you can get even more value for money if you take a look at our bulk purchase offers…

You can save on bulk quantities!

Want to make the most of our Black Friday event? By buying in larger quantities, you could save hundreds of pounds on your order! Here at Ampulla, you can order bulk quantities of 500 units or even more, which is ideal for companies that produce their products on a mass scale.

bulk quantities

Make sure to browse our entire product catalogue before Black Friday, so that you don’t miss the boat!